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Havana Brown
Adam jo 08 April 2020
Havana Brown Temperament Havana Brown cats are: Medium sized cat (males 8lb-10lbs tend to be larger than females 6lb-8lbs) ...
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Himalayan/ Colorpoint Persian
Adam jo 01 April 2020
Himalayan cat (also known as colourpoint Persian) Temperament Himalayan cats are: Sweet tempered Intelligent Very...
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Japanese Bobtail
Adam jo 28 March 2020
Japanese Bobtail Temperament Japanese Bobtail cats are: Fun loving Outgoing Inquisitive Active Vocal ...
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Javanese cat
Adam jo 22 March 2020
Javanese Temperament Javanese cats are: Highly intelligent Playful Vocal Graceful Affectionate ...
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Korat cat
Adam jo 15 March 2020
Korat cat (Thailand traditional name: Si-Sawat)Temperament Korat cats are: Playful Loyal Loving Observant ...
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Kunilian Bobtail
Adam jo 10 March 2020
Kunilian Bobtail Temperament Kurilian Bobtail cats are: Gentle Loving Clownish Dog like Adaptable ...
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Adam jo 07 March 2020
LaPerm Temperament LaPerm cats are: Distinctive Charming Intelligent Active Affectionate The LaPe...
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Maine Coon
Adam jo 04 March 2020
Maine Coon Temperament Maine Coon cats are: Sweet natured Playful Friendly Loving Affectionate ...
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Information of Cat Pet Training
Adam jo 27 February 2020
Many people think that it is impossible to train cat. However, it is possible in fact. There are some basic tips to fix the madness ...
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Adam jo 25 February 2020
Minskin Temperament  Minskin cats are:  Loving  Affectionate  Playful  Friendly  Intelligent  The M...
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