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Adam jo 19 August 2020
Chausie Cat Breed Information The Chausie is a new breed of feline accepted for registration and evaluation by TICA. The name “Chausi...
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Cheetoh cat
Adam jo 13 August 2020
Cheetoh cat breed Cheetoh Temperament The Cheetoh cat breed is: Social. Loving. Never hostile. Gentle. Safe with chi...
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Colorpoint Shorthair
Adam jo 10 August 2020
Colorpoint Shorthair Temperament The Colorpoint Shorthair cat is: Intelligent. People orientated. Likes human company. Inqu...
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Cornish Rex
Adam jo 02 August 2020
Cornish Rex Breed Information Cornish Rex Temperament The Cornish Rex is: Quite. Outgoing. Active. Family cat. Ene...
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Cymric cat
Adam jo 01 August 2020
Cymric cat Breed Information Cymric Temperament Cymric cats are: Intelligent. Fun-loving. Playful. Extremely l...
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Devon Rex
Adam jo 30 July 2020
Devon Rex Temperament Devon Rex cats are: Intelligent Active Mischievous Playful Very people oriented The Devon...
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Domestic Shorthaired Cat
Adam jo 27 July 2020
Domestic Shorthaired Cat Temperament Domestic Shorthaired Cats are: Intelligent Independent Docile ...
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What diseases of cats are transmissible to humans?
Adam jo 06 June 2020
WHAT IS CAT DISEASE TRANSMISSIBLE TO HUMANS? Human-animal infectious diseases are also called zoonotic diseases. It affects all ...
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Donskoy or Don Syphynx
Adam jo 02 June 2020
Donskoy or Don Syphynx Temperament Donskoy cats are: Highly intelligent Friendly Active Gentle Good natu...
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Dragon Li
Adam jo 01 June 2020
Dragon Li Temperament Dragon Li cats are: Strong full bodied  Unique Highly intelligent A subspecies of the ...
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