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Bengal cat
Adam jo 19 September 2020
Bengal Cat Breed Information History Bengal kittens are one of the newer cat breeds. This is one of the kitty breeds that began as a hybrid,...
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Birman cat
Adam jo 15 September 2020
Birman Cat Breed Information Birman Temperament Birman cats are: Gentle. Affectionate. Curious. The Birman likes ...
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Bombay cat
Adam jo 10 September 2020
Bombay Cat Breed Information Bombay cats were first bred by Nikki Horner in the United States in the 1950s. She wanted a “miniature...
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Adam jo 06 September 2020
Brazilian Cat Breed Information Brazilian Temperament The Brazilian temperament is: Playful. Affectionate. Loves to be ar...
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Brazilian Shorthair
Adam jo 05 September 2020
Brazilian Shorthair Cat Breed Information Brazilian shorthair Temperament The Brazilian Shorthair cat has a very nice temperament ...
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British Shorthair
Adam jo 03 September 2020
British Shorthair Cat Breed Information British Shorthair Temperament The British Shorthair cat is: Easygoing. Not in your fa...
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Burmese cat
Adam jo 02 September 2020
Burmese Cat Breed Information Burmese cat Burmese cats are one of the many cat breeds that can trace their ancestry to Siamese cat...
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Burmilla cat
Adam jo 02 September 2020
Burmilla cat Breed Information Burmilla Temperament Burmilla's are: Playful. Quite. Laid back. Loves attention. ...
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California Spangled
Adam jo 29 August 2020
California Spangled Cat Breed Information California Spangled Cat Temperament The California Spangled cat is: Affectio...
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Cats Can Bond With Their Owners
Adam jo 27 August 2020
Lots of people think that cats are independent, and don’t form bonds. You might even hear that cats only associate with people as a st...
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