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Cats and chocolates: Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

can cats eat chocolate
Cats and chocolate

Did you know that chocolate is dangerous for cats?

In general, if cocoa powder is toxic to our animals, such as birds, horses, or mice, it is even more so to dogs and cats. In fact, depending on the amount ingested, it can be fatal.

During Christmas and Easter each year, the Poison Control Center does not meet the requirements related to animals that consume chocolate. Remember to tell everyone around!

Why is chocolate a poison for your cat?

It is not really chocolate that is a poison, but theobromine. It is a component of cocoa bean that is found to be toxic to animals since they do not digest it, much like caffeine.

Obviously, the stronger the chocolate, the more cocoa it contains, and therefore, the more dangerous it is. Since white chocolate is mainly made up of sugar and milk, it contains less. Read also: Review Of 12 Natural Home Remedies For Fleas In Cats.

Symptoms and risks of chocolate

Symptoms of toxicity can be identified through hyperactivity, nervousness, incoordination, seizures, increased heart rate, as well as arrhythmias. Indeed, toxins will stimulate the central nervous system and the heart. There will also be symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting.

As a result of these symptoms, your cat may have a heart attack which can lead to death

The lethal dose for a cat

For a five kilo cat, the lethal dose is around 75 g of dark chocolate and 200 g of milk chocolate.
Be aware that only 25 g of dark chocolate can already cause very serious poisoning.

Unlike humans, cats metabolize theobromine very slowly, that is, the toxic substance accumulates in the body. Thus, a small amount is added to the previous small amounts, thereby increasing the toxicity.

So, never give chocolate to your cat!

What if my cat eats chocolate?


If your cat has eaten chocolate, react quickly!

If the ingestion of chocolate is recent, you can call the poison control center or your veterinarian. Make your cat vomit if he ate chocolate less than two hours ago. To do this, put a tablespoon of salt in his mouth, then pour water in his mouth.

Your veterinarian may prescribe gastric lavage if the chocolate has been ingested in large quantities. Of course, be able to answer your veterinarian's questions about the nature of the swallowed chocolate. Read also: Safe medication of cat for pain.

Some anti-convulsant and anti-arrhythmic drugs may be used on your cat, as well as intravenous fluids which will be used to remove the remains of the toxic product. This treatment should, in general, be administered for two to three days.

As you know, we always advise you to call or go to your veterinarian. He is the professional who will know how to act to save your cat.

Is Chocolate Toxic To Cats?


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