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Egyptian Mau
Adam jo 25 May 2020
Egyptian Mau Temperament Egyptian Mau cats are: Medium sized, males usually slightly bigger than females ranging from 9lb-13...
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European Shorthair
Adam jo 17 May 2020
European Shorthair Temperament European Shorthair cats are: Active. Clever. Generous. Affectionate. Fr...
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Exotic Shorthair
Adam jo 05 May 2020
Exotic Shorthair Temperament Exotic Shorthair cats are: Playful Laid back Affectionate Gentle Loyal ...
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German Rex
Adam jo 19 April 2020
German Rex Temperament German Rex cats are: Friendly Lively Playful Intelligent Acrobatic The G...
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Havana Brown
Adam jo 08 April 2020
Havana Brown Temperament Havana Brown cats are: Medium sized cat (males 8lb-10lbs tend to be larger than females 6lb-8lbs) ...
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Himalayan/ Colorpoint Persian
Adam jo 01 April 2020
Himalayan cat (also known as colourpoint Persian) Temperament Himalayan cats are: Sweet tempered Intelligent Very...
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Japanese Bobtail
Adam jo 28 March 2020
Japanese Bobtail Temperament Japanese Bobtail cats are: Fun loving Outgoing Inquisitive Active Vocal ...
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