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British Longhair Cat Breed

British Longhair Cat Breed

British Longhair Temperament

The British Longhaired cat is much like the Shorthaired cat being:
  • Easygoing.
  • Not in your face.
  • Enjoy playing.
  • Good indoor cat.
  • Like attention.
  • Like being stroked.
  • Quite.
  • Intelligent.

History of the British Longhair cat

Long British poetry is descended from British short hair, and its dates are intertwined. The number of short-haired British poetry declined after World War I, as Britons became increasingly uninterested, and breeders had no choice but to make crossings in an attempt to save the breed. They used cats without pedigree and mare. Read also: Turkish Angora Cat Breed Information.

These crossings lead to a long hair gene in some cats, leading to a malfunction of these animals. After World War II the same pattern of events occurred. In order to save British Short Hair, breeders decided this time to cross with Burmese, Persian and Russian cats. Long-haired cats were removed from litter again, and finally the British Longhair was made.

The appearance of the cat

The British Longhair cat is medium to large in size, with a muscular appearance and a strong body, their neck is short, and their paws are round, the legs are medium to short in size.

The size of a British cat's tail or British Longhair cat's tail should be equivalent to two-thirds of the body, and be thin and well-equipped.

Longhair's British cat's head is in line with his rounded body with a large cam and a short nose. The ears are medium to small in size and are spaced with a circular head.The eyes are also far apart, and their color should match the cat's coat.


All colors and styles for British Longhair coat are available. The fur should be soft with a dense hard layer and medium length.

Character cat

The British Longhair cat or kitten character is identical to the British Shorthair character. They are very quiet and peaceful cats, who appreciate the presence of their owner.

The Longhair British has a great ability to adapt to other animals, but does not always appreciate holding them.

The British Longhair loves to show affection towards humans and loves to play. Read also: American Bobtail Cat Breed Information.

Health and care

British Longhair is particularly vulnerable to neonatal joint disintegration, which occurs when a cat from A blood group mates with a group of blood group B. Destruction of red blood cells. Treatment involves separating the affected kitten and assigning it to a mother of blood group A.

The British Longhair cat is also prone to polycystic kidneys, as cysts on the kidneys develop. Parental disease risk can be detected by DNA tests.


Thick, short hair with British short hair always needs regular brushing, especially during the winter patting season of spring, to make sure it doesn't swallow too much while brushing. For more details about British Longhair Cat Breed, click here.


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