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Provide Your Cat with a Litter Box

get a cat to use a litter box
Provide Your Cat with a Litter Box

How to show a cat to use the litter box

The only other article of furniture an indoor cat needs is a litter box Other than a cat bed.

a litter box should be large enough for the cat to maneuver in comfortably, but the sides should be low. It should be kept in one location.

A house-trained mother cat will teach her kittens to use the litter box, but if you should by chance acquire one that never got the word, it is easy enough to set the kitten straight. First, show it the litter box. Second, after each meal, traipse the kitten over to the litter box and keep it there - without using undue force, of course - until it performs. You will feel that you are devoting an awful lot of time to this chore, and so you are. But very shortly you will be able to gauge when (it’s usually under a half hour after the kitten has eaten) and for how long your assistance will be needed. Read also: Learn Why You Need To Purchase a Cat Kennel.

Don’t clean the litter box until it has been used two or three times; eventually, a bright little cat will get the idea and trot to the litter box of its own accord.

Cats are tidy creatures. When they have the opportunity to deal with matters in their own way, out-of-doors, they select a spot that offers some privacy, dig a small hole with their forepaws, eliminate, and then neatly refill the hole. Indoors, a cat will feel much better about using a litter box if the cat litter in it is ample for her to paw around and approximate her normal procedure.

In cleaning the litter box use warm water and soap. Steer clear of powerful disinfectants. They are unpleasant and very often harmful to cats and almost surely will persuade them never to use the litter box again.

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