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Best Cat Insurance for Hybrid Cats

Best Cat Insurance for Hybrid Cats

Finding the best cat insurance for your hybrid cat isn’t an easy task. A lot of basic cat insurance providers won’t actually cover hybrid cats, firstly because of their value and secondly because of their ‘reported’ tendency to fight and hunt.

If you do manage to find a few companies willing to insure your hybrid you’ll still have to work hard to ensure you get the best cat insurance policy possible.

Shopping for the best cat insurance

In order to get the best cat insurance possible you need to ensure the company you choose will a) pay out when you need them to, b) offer affordable premiums for the level of cover you want and c) let you choose your own veterinarian practice.

Hybrid cats need top quality and often specialized care when they are sick and so you need to be able to use a veterinarian you are confident in. If an insurance company specifies where you can and can’t take your hybrid cat then it isn’t offering the best cat insurance policy available.

What to look for in a cat insurance policy

The best cat insurance policies will offer cover for accidents (injuries, burns etc), illnesses (dental problems, infections, cat flu etc), prescriptions, surgeries should you ever need them and time spent in an animal hospital. You can often spend a few extra dollars on the premiums and cover annual vaccinations and any other veterinarian bills that your hybrid cat might incur as well.

The price of the best cat insurance available

Every insurance company that is willing to insure your hybrid cat will work out the premiums using a different set of criteria. The majority of them will at the very least take the following into consideration:

  • The age of the cat, to the best of your knowledge if it is a rescued cat.

  • Any ongoing or previous illnesses, again to the best of your knowledge.

  • The exact breed of your hybrid cat.

  • The level of cover you want.

  • Your zip code.

Once you supply this information you’ll be able to choose the insurance company that is offering what you perceive to be the best cat insurance for the price you want to pay. Remember though that your hybrid cat is in every sense of the word ‘unique’, and so you shouldn’t skimp on your insurance premiums just to save a dollar or two. Pay as much as you can comfortably afford and buy the best cat insurance policy you possibly can.

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