Cats Can Bond With Their Owners

Cats Can Bond With Their Owners
Cats Can Bond With Their Owners

Cats Can Bond With Their Owners

Lots of people think that cats are independent, and don’t form bonds. You might even hear that cats only associate with people as a strategy to help them survive. However, many cat owners know better. Their cats are capable of forming emotional bonds with them that rival those of other pets. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know cats. One of the reasons it might seem like cats are independent and antisocial is that they’ll usually only bond with one or two people. You’ll know if a cat wants to form a bond with you if he or she hops up into your lap looking for affection, or snuggles at night while you’re asleep.

Many cats purr to show their affection. Lots of people have tried to figure out what cats look for when they’re picking their person. However, no one really knows. A cat might choose someone based on the way they behave, how they treat the cat, or their tone of voice. Someone else acting in much the same way just won’t measure up with some cars. Some people say that cats are psychic, and choose the person they bond with based on that person’s compatible psychic aura. According to these people if a cat senses a bad vibration from someone, the likely outcome is that the cat will ignore them totally. However, this only seems to hold true for a small percentage of cats. Read also: Are You Interested In Finding Out About The Different Types Of House Cat.

There are lots of theories going around to explain the feline tendency to bond with humans. However, no one really knows exactly what’s going on. It’s well known that cats crave attention, but it’s hard to figure out exactly why. However, most cat owners can tell you that their cats love to feel needed, be pampered, and be showered with your affection. If they feel neglected, they might demand attention! People who are new to owning cats might find it hard to bond with them at first. This is because cats behave differently from other animals, even when they’re being very affectionate. However, the longer the amount of time spent around your cat, the better you and the cat will get to know one another.

Over the years, you’ll realize that you and your cat have developed a strong, unbreakable bond. No matter who you are, or what kind of cat you have, he or she probably loves to receive attention from you. Giving your cat that kind of attention can help to create a loving bond between you and your pet. Some might say that cats only care about themselves, but most of those people have never bonded with one.

Cat owners are well aware that bad cat breath is absolutely terrible. Like human bad breath, it is caused by bacteria found in the mouth breaking down protein which in turn releases sulphur compounds into the open. The sulphur which has a bad enough odor of its own gives the breath its disgusting smell.

ToothbrIn the case of cats the bacteria normally related to bad breath is caused by a build up of yellow colored tartar around the teeth from various foods and minerals. This build up of tartar needs to be removed in order to cure your cat of bad breath. There are several cat foods on the market which are designed to remove this tartar, many of which contain enzymes which simply dissolve it. Giving your cat edible treats will also help to prevent the build up. If the tartar on your cat s teeth is really bad, you can have his teeth cleaned professionally. But rest assured, once the tartar is removed, the bad breath will vanish. However, it may not be necessary to have the cleaning done professionally as you might be able to do this at home yourself.

Toothpastes, some of which contain the above mentioned enzymes to dissolve the tartar come in different flavors for your cat and mechanical toothbrushes with the correct motion necessary to remove the build up are also available. If you start cleaning your cat s teeth at an early age, it will become the norm for the cat, the build up of tartar will be stopped before it starts and the cat will not have bad breath at all. Some of the bacteria which causes tartar to form can be found in your cat s diet. When you feed your cat you should check that his food does not have a high content of bacteria. If you feed him with only healthy food, this will keep his breath much fresher. Make sure the treats you give your cat are the kind designed to help with the tartar problem. Read also: Information of Cat Pet Training.

When your cat has finished his food, either clean his teeth or rinse out his mouth. This will clear the bacteria from his mouth before it gets a chance to build up in a tartar form on his teeth. If you notice your cat has bad breath but there is no tartar build up on his teeth, it could be caused by a more serious problem such as liver or kidney disease. This is the time when you should take your dog along to see the vet. The vet will be able to tell you what is causing the bad breath and how best to go about getting rid of it.

Signs a Cat Has Bonded With You

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