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Aegean Cat Breed

Aegean Cat Breed Information
Aegean Cat

 Aegean Cat Temperament

Aegean cats are:

  • Lively.
  • Adaptable.
  • Intelligent.
  • Social.
  • Communicative.

Aegean cats are very good hunters and used in rural areas for catching pests. They make very good pets as they get on very well with humans and are very vocal attracting a lot of attention.

Where does the Aegean Cat come from?

The Aegean cat comes from Greece and is a naturally bred cat. Its believed the Aegean cat comes from the Greek Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea. The cat became a formally known breed in the last couple centuries by Cat Fancy breeders of Greece. Due to this happening recently, the breed is seen as being new and by some to be rare. However the breed is found all over Greece. Read also: American Shorthair Cat Breed Information.

What type of Body does the Aegean Cat have?

The Aegean has a medium sized body with a strong muscle build making them look very healthy without signs of being over or under weight. They have a long body with strong legs of a medium size and paws that are a rounded shape. The Aegean cats tail is straight and a nice healthy length. Their heads are a medium size and not round with ears that are wide towards the base and have rounded tips that are covered in hairs. The Aegean's eyes are an oriental shape with a range of greens coloring them.

What type of coat does an Aegean Cat have?

The Aegean cat has a semi long hair coat with no down hair, they also have a slight ruff and rich tail. The coat provide very good protection in the winter periods and is then shed leaving a shorter summer coat. The coloring of the Aegean cat may contain 2 or 3 colors. White is always one of the colors without any sign of yellow, this white makes up most of the coat coloring with about 1 to 2 thirds of the coat. The other colors that make up the rest of the coat can be black, red, cream and can creat stripes.

What type of pattern does an Aegean Cat have?

The Aegean cat can have 2 or 3 colors with white being the most prominent, covering 1 to 2 thirds of the body without any yellow diluting the white. Other colors include black, red, cream and can creat a strip pattern.

History of the Aegean Cat?

The Aegean cat comes from Greece and is a naturally occurring breed of cat, they originally came from the Cycladic Islands of Greece. Read also: Bengal Cat Breed Information.

Food the Aegean Cat eats?

The Aegean cat is very fond of fish but will eat normal cat food unless other food is recommended by your vet.

Is the Aegean Cat an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Aegean has adapted well to being an indoor cat but is both and indoor and outdoor cat. They get on well with humans, are very intelligent , lively and playful. For more Information about Aegean cat breed, click here.

Aegean Cat Breed Facts


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