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How to cure bad breath in cats

cat bad breath
 How to cure bad breath in cats

what causes cats bad breath?

Bad breath is anytime awful, be it in humans or in animals. For those cat owners who have experienced it, it is quite similar to the human bad breath. The common reason is that in both the cases, bacteria present in the mouth causes the bad breath. The proteins available inside the moth are broken by the bacteria and the sulfur flows out. By characteristic, Sulfur contains a foul odor and hence, the sulfur contained breath carries a bad odor too. In case of cats, the bacterium which causes bad breath is related to the tartar that is built around the teeth. This tartar is yellow colored and is referred to bacteria coating minerals and food.

How to get rid of cat bad breath

For curing of bad breath in the cats, this tartar needs to be removed. Numerous cat food produced for this purpose are available and contain enzymes which dissolve the tartan and clean it. You can also consider giving treats to your cat for the same purpose, which would also prevent more tartar from accumulating. Professional cleaning of the cat teeth may be requires if the tartar is really bad. Once the tartar is clean, the foul smell would be gone too. Read also: Safe medication of cat for pain.

If you want to clean the teeth of your cat at your house, you can consider using toothpastes available for pets. A lot of them are easily available in a variety of flavors and you can get them for cleaning the cat teeth. You would require a mechanical toothbrush for your cat as it is vital for cleaning the tartar. Using these cleaning methods at an early stage can prevent the tartar from forming and hence, reduce any possibility of bad breath.

The food that the cat eats can be the source of a lot of bacterium which form the tartar. To prevent this, ensure that the cat food does not have access of bacteria in it. Purchasing healthy food and providing healthy food can prevent formation of tartar and your cat remains healthy. Even while giving treats o your cat, ensure that they are capable of cleaning tartar. Another good advice would be to brush your cat or rinse it with water, after the cat has finished with the meals. This is also a good option to prevent any bacteria from forming and resulting into a tartar. Read also: How to take care of your old cat.

Different Causes

At times, there is a possibility that the foul odor is not because of the tartar, but due to kidney or liver diseases. If foul breath is observed, consult your veterinary doctor and get it checked. It’s always better to tale precautions than look for cure. Your veterinary doctor might be the right person to diagnose the exact problem and let you know the causes and the cure of the bad breath.

Why Does My Cat Have Bad Breath?


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