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How to groom your cat

How to groom your cat
How to groom your cat

How to groom your cat properly

Cats are adorable pets and a part of the house and by nature they are clean animals. They do not want to be unclean and the responsibility of their cleanliness lies equally over you too. Timely grooming of your cats is vital and it keeps your pet healthy and tidy. The foremost in this process is brushing which removes available loose hairs. This helps reduce and prevent formation of hairballs. Some cats even face trouble in throwing away the hairballs and in such situation it even leads to blockage of hairballs, which may pose serious threat to their lives as well.

Long haired cats require brushing and combing everyday whereas short haired cats need grooming every week. Wile brushing your cat; always look out for skin irritations and lumps. Always start brushing from front to back i.e. from the head towards the tail. Once you are completed on one side of the body, move on to the other side. Take care to brush throughout a couple of times and in the direction where the cat’s hairs are growing.

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While brushing, be careful not to brush on the face and the paws. Some cats do not enjoy brushing and might try to protest, but there are other ways of grooming such pets. You can easily get a grooming glove and the cats are not troubled because of it. It is advisable to start brushing the cats at an early age, as they get into the habit of being cleaned regularly and do not object to grooming them. Some of the cats which were started grooming when they were kittens often start enjoying it and wait for their grooming time during the day.

The grooming does not include only brushing; you must also check the cat’s eyes, ears, claws and teeth on a regular basis. Check that the eyes are clean and bright and do not have any dirt on their edges. The clears should also be checked that no ear mites are present and are pink colored. The ear mites tend to grow from the dirt that accumulates in the ears and can act as a threat for the cat, at times even making them deaf. These may also cause the ears to shrivel up and annoy the cats. It might be difficult for the pet owner to handle this, so the best way to get rid of the mites is to ensure that the cat’s ear stay clean and healthy.

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Some cats might not co-operate in grooming them and protest your actions. While grooming them try to expand your testing area every time you are in the process. If the cat does not protest, appreciate the cat and treat him. But if it shows signs of struggle and protest, don’t try to force them and just let them go till the next day, when you can try again. The cats might get take time in getting used to grooming, but once they get in the habit, they will welcome you and wait for their grooming.

How to groom a cat

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