Understanding cat behavior


explaining cat behavior
Understanding cat behavior

Understanding cat behavior

A common belief is that the cats are moody creatures and are not concerned about their masters, as long as they get proper food and water. The cats have been noticed to behave in peculiar manners at times, confusing their masters about their exact need and requirement. The behavior of cats might be confusing, but there are some easy ways, you can determine what the cat wants.

It has been commonly observed that the cats rub their heads against household stuff and visiting people. A lot many times, you must have observed the cat doing so against the legs of the table, television stands, etc. If you have visitors at home, who are pet owners or possesses some kind of allergies, you may notice your cat going through the same process. The cats are normally understood to leave their saliva on visiting individual to familiarize themselves to the person. The cats have a notion that objects or people holding their saliva smell are close and known. Read also: Are You Interested In Finding Out About The Different Types Of House Cat.

When the cat leaves saliva on someone or something, it is in fact acquainting itself with the surroundings. It might even annoy you, but if you see it from the cat’s point of you, any unknown person is an alien for the cat and when it recognizes the scent, it gives a feeling that the person belongs to the household of his master. So, when you see a cat brushing against people and objects, it must be understood that the cat is leaving a mark to recognize them.

Although this process of familiarizing with the people or product may be of benefit to the cat, it may not be a hygienic for the person, as saliva is the major source of allergies in pets. The scent of the saliva will vanish as soon as the person on whom the cat has left the saliva wipes it, but the cat might attempt it again. Though it is believed that the cats leave saliva on the people who are allergic, it might not be true, as the cats might just be trying to familiarize themselves with the visitor. If the visitor is not comfortable with the cat licking him, just let the cat rub against their legs sometimes, and the cat will not bother the person anymore.

Some people who do not let the cats out of the house may often notice the cat lying near the window-sill and making strange noises or actions. Don’t worry about it. The cats have a natural hunting instinct and they prepare themselves to the presence of another cat nearby or moving objects visible to the cat. When the cat observes this, owing to its nature, it goes into the hunting posture. Read also: Biting, Aggression, and Rough Play in the Cats.

As we are all aware, the cats are playful pets. They have a special attraction to toys and you will often find them pouncing on things. Let the cat play and do not try to restrict it, else you will e in trouble. The cat goes into a negative approach and can become destructive, if you stop it. The cats love to play with hanging objects and playing with them with a string would be a good idea, as they enjoy chasing it around.

With time, and as it grows more and more accustomed to you and your house, the cats will demonstrate a number of weird behavior. By nature, they have strange habits and if you watch them closely, you will be able to understand their action better and will face no problems in keeping the cat happy and healthy.

Cat Behavior Explained: KITTENS and ADULT CATS

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