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Cat peeing on clothes and how to stop it

Hi, everyone! In this post I will talk about cat peeing on clothes.

Why is your cat peeing on clothes?

Cat peeing on clothe is one of the bad habits. Even if you have trained them to use a litter box.  But cat peeing on is not only because of their unusual habit, there can be various reasons behind it. Let’s find out them.

Cat peeing on clothes and how to stop it
Cat peeing on clothes

Reason you behind cat peeing on clothes

  • Medical Reasons: If your cat is regularly peeing on your clothed they don’t ignore it. She might be suffering from health problems such as UTI (urinary tract infection) infection. Cat’s urinating habit becomes unusual and haphazard during such issues. Read also: Learn Why You Need To Purchase a Cat Kennel.
  • Conveying dissatisfaction or discomfort.  Another behind cat peeing on clothes can be conveying dissatisfaction or discomfort. Cats mostly convey or communicate their disagreement about any situation or acts by doing such unusual acts: peeing on clothes. If she is unhappy about change that you have made in her daily routine or in any other things, she can start peeing on your clothes. This is the one of the ways she can let you know that she is not happy with your that decision.
  • Jealousy factor: Your cat can start peeing on your clothes if you brought another pet to your home. Because she may don’t like presence of another pet in your life or she can’t see you paying attention toward another pet. Therefore peeing on your clothes is one of way to express her distress and jealousy toward another pet. She does not like your act of playing or cuddling with another pet.
  • Changing the place or house: If you suddenly change your house and moves to another location. You will notice several changes in your cat’s behavior including peeing on your clothes. Her sudden act of peeing on clothes becomes one of way to communicate that she is not happy with your decision of shifting to another place. Read also: Taking Care of the Kitten.
  • Ownership issues: cats normally love to have their separate personal space and they like to mark their specific and personal space for urinating. If you have more than cat or other pet in your house, they start opposing or fighting with each other for ownership. They can end up their ownership dispute with peeing on your clothes.
  • Cleaning problems: Cat can start peeing on your clothes if she finds litter box is not very clean or if it smells.

What you can in order to stop your cat from peeing on your clothes?

  1. The first thing you need to do is: go for a medical examination of your cat. Because this can be reasons behind cat peeing on clothes.
  2. If you have more than pet at your home then provide separate litter to each pet so they could not fight for ownership issue.
  3. Make your cat’ litter box is very clean and neat and does smell bad.
  4. If you brought some other pets in your house then make sure that you still have time and affection for her. Make her believe that no can take her place or you still love her enough.
  5. Try to keep away your laundry and other clean clothes from your cat. So they she cannot urinate on them.
  6. In order to avoid cat’s peeing problems you can also buy a very attractive litter box. So that she can love to pee in litter box. For more information about cat peeing on clothes, Click here.

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I hope you liked this post about cat peeing on clothes. If it’s help, share it with other and help them as well.


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