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How long are cats pregnant and stages

How long are cats pregnant and stages
How long are cats pregnant and stages

How long are cats pregnant and stages

Hey! In this post I will talk about: how long are cats pregnant? Scientifically, cats are mammals and they reproduce by giving birth to live your ones. Cats are able to get pregnant from the age of months and this pregnancy can occur whenever the female cat (the queen) is in heat and this happens between spring and autumn.

So, how long are cats pregnant?

The average pregnancy of cat takes 60 -65 days and below are the signs that your cat could be pregnant. As an cat owner it’s your responsibility to take care of cat during pregnancy stages. Read also: How to tell if a cat is pregnant.

What are the  cat pregnancy stages?

Cat pregnancy stages: pre-implantation (day 0-12) egg fertilization

This is the time when the formation of kittens begins in the uterus of the cat. The placenta is formed and the actual formation of the kittens begins

Cat pregnancy stages 2: (day 12-24) the critical period

This is when the parts of the kittens are formed blood vessels appear in the embryo and between it and the placenta. This takes place within three days. Afterwards all parts are formed and a vet can feel the kittens by abdominal palpation after around twenty days of conception it is after 21 days that the nipples begin to redden and enlarge slightly. Thinning of the fur at the queens belly starts

Cat pregnancy stages Stage 3: growth (rapid) of the fetus(day 24 up to birth)

All organs are property made and they now take the right shape as the hormonal glands take charge and control the growth process. At this time when the parts are rapidly forming, the abdomen become pear shaped and foetal movements can are noticeable within the last two weeks before birth. At this time, milky fluid is noticed at the nipples. Before delivery, there is discharge of blood from the vulva at around 12-24 hours before delivery. Read also: Cat eye problems and symptoms.

What to know about your cat during pregnancy?

Diagnosis of pregnancy

It is important to have the cat examined by your vet from time to time and if you are not sure of the pregnancy you can have your vet do the tests by either ultrasound or abdominal x-ray.


During pregnancy, the queen wants to be alone. And she wants to spend most of the time indoors sleeping. Pregnancy reduces the energy levels of the queen. During the feline gestation period, rest and inactivity is perfectly normal


Female cats should be wormed before mating to treat hook worms. And round worms if you worm the cat after two weeks of pregnancy, only safe medication should be sued such as fenndazole. The cat should be treated of worms. So as to avoid the transmission of the same to kittens through her milk.


The cat should be fed only on kitten food during the whole pregnancy period and when nursing her kittens. When the cat is pregnant she may happen to eat more. In fact 1.5 times her normal eating rate at the end of the nursing period. Her consumption of food may exceed her pregnancy consumption rate twice. The Kitten should be well fed since the extra calories are needed for her and the unborn kittens.

Place of birth

Before the cat delivers have a warm place that the cat mostly frequents so that it will opt for it during her time of birth.

Cat Pregnancy: week by week timeline with pictures


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