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Why do cats spray and how to stop it

Why do cats spray and how to stop it
Why do cats spray

Why do cats spray and how to stop it

As an cat owner you have to do lot of thinks to take care of your cat. And they many annoying things that cats do. It’s not cat’s fault. You have to teach your cat to behave way you want. One of problems that most cat owner face is cat spraying. And often people ask: Why do cats spray? Well in this post, you will learn about cat spaying and how to solve the problem.

So, why do cats spray?

It’s not about dominance and territory. Cats may spray due to underlying medical conditions, the litter box issues, and anxiety, latter being very common cause. The possible causes include cystitis (or bladder inflammation that is caused- by the urinary tract infection. Read also: A Guide to Holistic Cat Care for Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.

Bladder stones [or cystic calculi], crystals in the urine, and other causes of the bladder inflammation) and sterile cystitis (inflammation of bladder that is generally not caused by the infection, stones or crystals), that cause discomfort or will result in the elimination outside of litter box. Suppose cat is spraying, then start by taking them to a vet to rule out medical issues.

How to control the cat spraying?

  • Easiest method to deal with cat spraying is considering neutering and spaying. Statistic shows in around 90% of tomcats this process is effective. However you must do it before the kitten’s mature – while she is 4 to 6 months old.
  • Issue of right litter box maintenance must be addressed while dealing with the spraying problem. Generally spraying is motivated by the territorial anxiety, however it can be caused by the stress created by the poor litter box condition, as the dirty box, bad location and scented litter. If you’re the multiple cat owner, then it is advised that you’ve a litter box for each cat. Keep litter boxes clean and scooped, and stay mindful while washing them and use just mild & unscented cleaning solutions. Read also: Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats.
  • Try and lower down cat’s stress just by maintaining the routine, as changes often cause the cat spraying. Feed on same time daily and keep the food and litter box or bed in the respective places.
  • Give cats enough of attention. You need to play with them, massages, talk to them. Give them climbing cat tree & tons of praise, attention and affection for breathing. You need to constantly reassure them that she’s most wonderful cat. Suppose they aren’t threatened, most of the cats don’t feel a need to mark the territory at all & are content to leave worrying to us.
  • The urine spraying happens near doors and windows where the cats will see outdoors, particularly when the strange cats are there outside. Suppose your cat sprays because she has got threat from other cat and animal, then try limiting area she will roam in the house to improve their security feeling. Suppose problem is with cats who are outside your home, you must try to reduce the cat’s exposure to the cats, as when she will see other cats, then her natural response may be to mark territory that is your house.
  • Clean the soiled areas well as cats like to urinate in the places that smell like urine. Make use of products, which have the natural enzymes to devour the odor-causing bacteria in place of covering up scent. You need to avoid products that have ammonia as it can remind cat of smell of the urine. Remember, even though you cannot smell something, but your cat can. Read also: Safe medication of cat for pain.
  • In the multiple cat households, the urine spraying becomes very difficult to resolve due to natural competitiveness between various cats. Suppose cause for the urine spraying can’t be determined and removed, reconditioning program and treatment with the drugs, or both, can be necessary.
  • Don’t hit or yell on the cat when he is spraying. It can only make problem worse.

How to STOP Your Cat Spraying Everywhere


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