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How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Cat Eye Infections


How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Cat Eye Infections
How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Cat Eye Infections

How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Cat Eye Infections

Having a pet can be a wonderful adventure and they make great companions, but just like having a child, animals can get sick too. So what do you do when your pet has a health problem? In particular, how do you take care of cats eyes? Like any creature that loses their sight, when a cat’s eye infection gets bad enough that it can cause blindness, they become listless and afraid. This, in turn, can cause agitation and aggressiveness in the cat so it is important to stay up to date on how to care for the eyes of your cat and to make sure you know what to look for that would be signs they should see a veterinarian.

With animals, keeping them well groomed and clean can usually make it possible to avoid common problems. With cats, if you keep them clean and monitor their eyes, you can keep the eyes of your cat free from disease. Gently clean their eyes from mucus, make sure the hair around their eyes is trimmed enough that it can’t get into their eyes, and clean the tear stained fur around their eyes.

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One of the symptoms of an eye infection in a cat is reddish coloring on their eyes. Cat eyes are always clear and moist. If you see anything other than this, it is a good idea to make sure their eyes are not infected. Excessive tearing or mucus forming in or around the eye are other signs that there could be an eye infection in your cat. Another disease that some cats can get is conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye. This disease is highly contagious and must be treated immediately to avoid your cat passing it from one eye to the other or passing it onto other animals. It is treated with an ointment that you put into the eye of few times each day. 

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Most infections can be treated with ointments or drops, but some eye problems need to be treated with surgery. Two of these are glaucoma and cataracts. Both of the surgeries for these diseases are done to avoid the cat going blind. With any infection in your cats eyes, you need to make sure action is taken immediately to avoid it getting this extreme and most of all, to avoid your cat losing its sight altogether.

How I Treat a Kitten or Cat Eye Infection at Home