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What Is A Cat Exercise Wheel?

The main idea to have a cat is for companionship but one important thing to remember is to keep your cat healthy and that is where the cat exercise wheel comes into play.

cat exercise wheel
What Is A Cat Exercise Wheel?

You might be thinking that a cat exercise wheel is this big wheel that a cat can run through and get the exercises that a hamster gets when it gets a wheel put in it's cage. There might actually be something out there like that on the market but this cat exercise wheel is a diagram from keeping your cat healthy. Read also: The Wonderful World Of Cats & Kittens.

On this cat exercise wheel is different options given for your cat to get the exercise and vitamins and feeding that helps to make sure there are no problems with the health of your cat.

Failure to follow a cat exercise wheel, can sometimes lessen the potential age that a cat can live to. The cat exercise wheel involves giving the cat essential items to help it live a long and healthy life.

The cat exercise wheel, sometimes, can even involve training exercises where there may be a show cat involved or a disabled cat involved. Read also: Should You Use Cat Litter Flushable Or Throw Away?

There is a main cat exercise wheel used only for an exercise program. It is used for cats that have gotten a clean bill of health from their veterinarians and is put into place so the cat keeps that clean bill of health.

There are several exercises that the cat exercise wheel should compose of. One of these are using an interactive toy such as a toy with feathers on the end. This exercise allows to cat to stretch and jump.

Another exercise is getting a toy similar to a slithering snake. This toy could be used to throw down a flight a steps and then slither it back up the steps. This allows the cat to get some running exercise.

Another one on the cat exercise wheel set up boxes, bags, and soft-sided tubes to act as tunnels. There can even be an exercise for the kids along with the cat by painting the boxes and bags to personalize them for the cat. This helps the cat to have running and hiding exercises which are natural for cats.

You could also invest in a multi tiered cat tree which would be very good for the cat to climb up and down on and even take some naps. Read also: People are crazy over 'Sheep Cats' with naturally curly hair.

The cat exercise wheel allows you to plan out an exercise program for your cat in order to keep it living a healthy and happy long life. This is one way that the owner of the cat can have just as much fun giving their cat exercise as the cat will be doing it.


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