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People are crazy over 'Sheep Cats' with naturally curly hair
Adam jo 26 November 2021
Cats are recognised for their independence, gentle heartlessness, and tidy, straight fur. However, there is a tiny subgroup of feline specie...
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Why Cats Love Sheba Cat Food So Much
Adam jo 05 November 2021
There are many types and brands of cat food out on the market today, but Sheba cat food stands out as a favorite in the cat food making ind...
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Take The Advantage With Advantage Flea Cat
Adam jo 31 October 2021
Today with the weather being the way it is, we have to protect our pets a lot more then back in the olden days. Take the advantage with Adva...
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As A Cat Owner Are You Aware Of The Many Factors Concerning Cat Health Care
Adam jo 17 October 2021
When deciding to bring a pet cat into your home, one thing you have to know is that everything around you can affect your cat health care. T...
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Purchasing a Cat is a Huge Commitment
Adam jo 10 October 2021
What is more adorable than kitten? Few people can resist the charm of those delightful balls of fun, fur and curiosity. However, before you ...
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Stop Your Cat from Digging!
Adam jo 02 October 2021
Digging is one of a cat’s most annoying tendencies. A cat’s digging can be irritating to those who have a garden outside or for those who h...
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Cat Proof Your House
Adam jo 17 September 2021
Before you bring any new member into the family you have to make certain that you make your home safe. You would never bring home a new baby...
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Brushing Your Cat
Adam jo 07 September 2021
No matter what kind of cat you own it is important that you brush him. Many people do not realize that even short haired cats need to be bru...
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Introducing Your New Cat
Adam jo 29 August 2021
Bringing a new cat home is an exciting time. However, if you have another cat in your home you are facing more of a challenge than you migh...
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Which Kitten?
Adam jo 23 August 2021
Once you have selected which breed of cat you want to get you are going to have to get down to actually picking out a kitten. Even among li...
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Bathing a Cat: How to Bathe a Cat
Adam jo 17 August 2021
Cats are known for their ability to groom themselves. However, for various reasons there may come a time when your cat is sorely in need of...
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Household Necessities for the New Cat
Adam jo 10 August 2021
Bringing a cat home can be one of the happiest times in both your life and the cat’s. However, before you bring the new family member home y...
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The Litter Box, an Important Accessory for all Cat Owners
Adam jo 10 August 2021
If you are going to own a cat then you will have to get a litter box . A litter box no longer has to be a simple pan that you hide in the da...
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Teaching Your Children about Cats
Adam jo 09 August 2021
One of the things that many people forget to do in their excitement of getting a new kitten or cat is to teach their children how to behave ...
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Cat Scratching Posts
Adam jo 06 August 2021
Cats like to scratch . There is nothing that you can do to stop your cat from scratching , it is a part of his nature and is a quality that ...
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Selecting a Cat – the Right Breed for You
Adam jo 30 July 2021
There is far more to selecting a cat than many people realize. This is a member of the family and one that will be with you and your family...
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Prevent Scratching
Adam jo 20 July 2021
Scratching is something that every cat does and something that very few owners appreciate. You are probably not going to be able to get the...
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How To Choose A Scratching Post
Adam jo 13 July 2021
A scratching post for your cat is a must. If you realized this after your couch, or drapes got shredded, I’m sorry. Before you make your pur...
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4 Advantages To Dry Cat Food
Adam jo 11 July 2021
Is dry cat food best for my cat? Is canned food better? Which do I choose? The answer – neither is better. You can buy canned and dry cat f...
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