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For what reason Do Cats Purr?

For what reason Do Cats Purr?
Why Do Cats Purr?

Why do cats purr?

Purring is the most common vocal cat. We know little more about this than knowledge of chirping, chatter, waste and hissing.

 Cats purr when they are content. When you are curled in the sun, you may hear a gentle percussion while breathing in and out. Touch it, feel a little quiver. It is as if it sends waves of calm.

Know that sound doesn't mean your cat is in a good mood. Or this is the only time you hear it. Cats purr for emotional communication as well as other needs.

What if you pick your cat and catch it? Is he purring because he is nervous or loves her?

Although you won't know exactly what it tells you when it purrs, but looking at the situation and research done by animal experts, let you make informed guesses. Read also: Smallest cat in the world.

He wants something or hungry

Some cats purr when it's time. British researchers have studied the sounds of domestic cats when food is not in their minds and when they are hungry. Burs differ and do not look the same.

When cats hang out for food, they combine natural purring with a cry of Mio or unpleasant, which is similar to the cry of a human child. Experts believe that we are more likely to respond to this voice. They found that people can tell the difference between purges, even if they are not cat owners.

She is happy

Your cat looks comfortable: she may be on her back, the tail is still mostly, and the eyes are almost closed. If they knock, it is safe to assume that they are in their happy place. This noise now is a big smile.

Kitten mother connection

It is normal for cats to purr when they are only a few days old. This is probably a way to tell their mothers that they are okay or where they are.
Purring also helps to strengthen ties between the cat and her mother. Mama cats use it like a lullaby.

Healing and Relief

Although purring consumes energy, many cats scream when they hurt or hurt. So what makes the effort worth it?

It may be a way to calm the cat simply, as the child does when he sucks his thumb to feel better. Read also: Pros and cons of sleeping with your cat.

But some research suggests that purring helps cats improve faster. The low frequency of beads leads to a series of related vibrations within the body that can:
  • Build muscle and repair tendons.
  • Healing bones and wounds.
  • Relieve pain and swelling.
  • Easy breathing.
This may explain why cats can survive if they fall from high places, and there are fewer complications after surgery compared to dogs.

Why Do Cats Purr?


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