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Baldness in cats: Causes and treatment

hair loss in cats
Baldness in cats

Can anyone guess that you have a cat as a pet? It's not difficult if your cat leaves you ... traces on you every time you hug her.

Cats get a lot of luck anyway. Some, however, get more than others. The problem in this case is extremely bothersome to you and those around you.Here's what you can do to improve the situation:

Main Causes of Cat Hair Loss

  • Seasonal normal hair loss.

Cat hair loss is sometimes caused by seasonal changes. When spring and summer arrive, cats come out of thick hair to protect themselves from high temperatures.

  • They suffer from malnutrition.

Good nutrition for cats makes the hair soft and shiny, if their hair is dry or falls off easily, there may be a problem with malnutrition. Read also: Renal Cat Food a Specialised Diet For Cats With Chronic Renal Failure.

  • Their diet contains a lot of salt.

Salt is a "taboo" in the cat diet.Cats need very little salt and have a poor taste. Too much salt burdens their kidneys and leaves their hair dry. In addition, it can cause the problem of hair loss.

  • They have a weak immune system.

Cats younger than one year and those older than eight have a serious hair loss problem, and there is a crust in their roots. Their hair is fragile and falls easily. In more severe cases, there is a whole area without hair on their skin and then you should pay special attention and discuss it with their doctor. Cats with poor health and weak immune systems can easily suffer from hair loss.

pattern baldness in cats

Cat hair loss treatment

  • Pay attention to their diet.

For cats with weak gastrointestinal function, you first need to remedy this problem. For example, you can feed them better or give them some medicines to better absorb the nutrients and ensure their general health and the health of their hair in particular.

  • A varied and balanced diet.

As for malnourished cats and those who are not versatile in their diet, you should make sure to include the variety in their diet. But even that doesn't necessarily mean that your cat will have a balanced diet. This can only be achieved if you give them cat food. If you give them cat food, make sure it is a well-known and tried brand.

  • Use cat hair products.

For long haired cats, the nutrients absorbed are difficult to meet the requirement for hair maintenance. Therefore, you should also use some products specifically for their hair. Read also: Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats.

  • Don't give them too much salt.

You should feed your cat with foods that are low in salt. If you can't afford to buy them cat food, at least make sure the food you give them does not contain the salt and spices contained in human foods if you want your cat to be healthy.

  • Hair loss treatment

Cat hair loss is a persistent infectious skin disease. If the cat gets sick, you should put it away from other cats that may be in the house. Besides, they should not even share the brush so that your other cats are not at risk of getting infected.

  • Especially shampoo for cats.

Are you from those who bathe their cat? Usually cats do not need a bath because their body temperature is too high and their brush-like tongue washes and disinfects every part of their body. However, those who bathe their cats should know that if they use inappropriate shampoos, there will be a problem with hair loss much more severe than natural hair loss. If you are afraid your cat will get sick and lose her hair, use a pet shampoo. In any case, remember that cats should not be bathed often.

  • Give the cat a sense of security.

Offer a safe environment for your cat because a cat that is scared or agitated has a high chance of losing its hair. After all, it is your duty to provide your pet with a calm environment.

  • Sunbathing.

You will need to get your cat out of the house often for a little sunlight. Sunbathing helps the cat stay healthy and make her hair fluffy.

  • You often comb your cat's hair.

Use a special brush and comb for the cat and brush it at a constant time each day to keep the hair from falling on the brush and not hover around the house.

Why is My Cat LOSING HAIR?


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