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Renal Cat Food a Specialised Diet For Cats With Chronic Renal Failure

Renal Cat Food a Specialised Diet For Cats With Chronic Renal Failure
Cats With Chronic Renal Failure

Renal Cat Food a Specialised Diet For Cats With Chronic Renal Failure

Cats are great pets, especially as they are naturally gentle and meek. They like to be cuddled, although it is said that cats can be mysterious sometimes. Just like any other pet, your pet cat needs care and nurturing for him to have a healthy system. If not, they can be prone to diseases and a poor immune system. 

Cats are prone to a condition called chronic renal failure (CRF), which is a physiological illness caused by a damaged kidney, and can occur in older cats – yet may also attack cats as young as four years old. If the pet is diagnosed with such, the vet may prescribe a special kind of diet particular for the illness. According to research, renal cat food that is fed to a cat with such a condition has tendency to live longer. Gradual food intake should be observed so the pet will slowly accept the food in its system without experiencing the symptoms of a sudden diet change. 

What are the ingredients of renal cat food? What makes it different from any typical cat food? For one, it has restrictions on certain nutrients such as protein and sodium. With restricted protein, the body limits the amount of waste that is converted into energy. It is also restricted in sodium, which helps lower the risk of high blood pressure in cats. 

This renal diet also contains a meagre amount of phosphate, and this assists the muscular growth of your pet. In order to keep proper immunity, a certain amount of this mineral is needed, but too much of it is not physically safe for cats with kidney failure. During the excretion of waste, these cats release a large amount of vitamins C and B and potassium. So, the content of such vitamins is increased in this kind of cat food to combat any deficiency of such vitamins in cats with CRF. 

Cats with renal failure tend to have an increased acidity in blood. So, cat food specialised for CRF is designed to keep an acid-base balance to prevent acidosis from happening in the cat’s system. An additional content of renal cat food is supplementary fibre, which lessens the production of protein during excretion. The food contains specific amounts of fatty acid as well, to keep the disease from quickly developing in its system. 

Renal cat food comes in various flavors for added palatability, such as beef liver, chicken pulp, and corn meal. Initially, cats with renal conditions are not really fond of the taste – especially that these felines can be quite picky when it comes to what they want to eat. If this is the case, consult with your vet to find out how to aid your pet in changing his diet. 

Pampering our pet is giving them the food that they love to eat, but in certain conditions, when the health restricts them from eating just what they want, we need to be mindful of what should be and should not be taken so as not to alleviate the condition.

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