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Cat Behavior

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Cat Behavior

Peaceful Coexistence: Dogs and Cats under One Roof

They fight like ‘cats and dogs’ is a phrase that you often hear to describe persons who seem to argue viciously all the time. Although there is some truth to it, there are many households all over the world that showcase the peaceful coexistence of dogs and cats with their respective owners and their families.

It just points out that by making the correct and reasonable pet ownership decisions coupled with very cautious introduction of a new dog or cat into the household can somehow guarantee a more blissful coexistence between dogs and cats and their owner’s family. Add to this an excellent pet management system, a consistent training, and appropriate behavior modification techniques and you are all set to enjoy the many benefits of a multi-species household.

With sheer luck, you might even introduce other pets into your household. Read also: How to tame a destructive cat.

Choosing Wisely

The very first step to peaceful coexistence between your dog and cat coexistence is by choosing the right breed of dog for your home. There are certain breeds that are naturally comfortable being around cats or are friendly to them and there are also certain breeds that have the propensity for violence against cats. You may need to look into the dog’s temperament as a major consideration for your choice.

Safe Introductions

If you have a household full of dogs and you want to introduce a new cat into the mix, you need to introduce your cat to each of your dogs, one at a time, with the dogs carefully restrained. You have to be careful because, although dogs can be friendly to cats, your cat might not be entirely sold to the idea of being close to a much larger animal than he is.

Provide Individual Spaces

In order for you to ensure the peaceful coexistence between your cat and dog, you need to get them accustomed to each other’s presence first. This will require you to have absolute, undivided supervision as well as the use of barriers, containment units, and restraints. You can try fencing them in first so that they will first get accustomed to the sight of each other. They will eventually try to meet across the bars of your barrier and try to socialize.

Condition your Pets in the Presence of Each Other

Once your pets are already accustomed to seeing each other that neither grows anxious or agitated in the presence of the other, you can now proceed to train them to be in each other’s company. You can achieve this by being ready with your high-quality foodie treats for both your cat and your dog. Feed them together but pay special attention to your dog which might suddenly lunge at your cat. Gently restrain your dog if he does this. Do this for several sessions until both your cat and your dog can eat together without bothering one another. By using high-quality food treats, you are beginning to condition them into respecting each other, associating the presence of one another to the availability of high-quality food treats. Read also: How to understand cat language.

Be Patient

Training your dog and cat to respect each other and live harmoniously together requires your dedication, patience, and commitment to making this happen. Consistency should always be of utmost importance, so is the frequency of the training sessions. Enlisting the cooperation of the entire household may also help as a positive energy from the entire family can spread well into your pets. For more details, click here.

Cat Behavior Explained: KITTENS and ADULT CATS


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