Cat Food - Homemade vs. Commercial

Cat Food - Homemade vs. Commercial
Homemade vs Commercial cat food

Homemade vs Commercial cat food

Cats stay healthy and active only when they get a proper diet. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper knowledge of what cats need in their daily diet while making cat food.

This information is vital to owners who give their cats, homemade food. Most of the commercial cat food contains both animal and plant material supplemented with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so that the cats get a balanced diet. Homemade cat food generally consists of some form of cooked meat or raw meat, ground bone, or pureed vegetable.

Cat owners also use certain multivitamin supplements specially engineered for cats. There are frozen raw diets also available in the market. These are balanced diets that provide all the dietary requirements for the cats. Owners can either feed these diets raw or cooked to their pet cat. Read also: Raw Cat Food and Homemade Cat Food.

Commercial cat food is also available in plenty. Nowadays people prefer commercial cat food to homemade food because of the convenience. With great demand in the market for commercial cat food, it has become cost effective also. Commercial cat food comes either in dry or wet form.

Owners generally prefer the dry food to wet food because of convenience and price. Also, dry food that is left over can be reused. But the wet food becomes unappetizing after few hours. With the rise in demand for commercial cat food there are a various government agencies controlling the quality of cat food.

These agencies set standards for what the food must contain so that the cats get the needed nutrition. They formulate policies to ensure that the cat food meets the standard of pure and wholesome so that it is healthy for consumption by cats.

These agencies also ensure that all the commercial cat food manufacturers adhere to the policies and standards so that their cat food is safe for consumption.

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