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Raw Meat Diet Is Best For Cat’s Health

Raw Meat Diet Is Best For Cat’s Health
Raw Meat Diet Is Best For Cat’s Health

Raw Meat Diet Is Best For Cat’s Health

Cats lack the proper enzymes to utilize grains, vegetables, or fruits for their nutrition needs. That is why a raw meat diet is best for cats.

Why raw meat diet is best for cats?

The cat diet requirements have not evolved for the last 10,000 years and that is the biggest reason why your cat needs raw meat. The best diet they could get is by capturing and eating a small mammal or bird. Yikes, does that mean we have to bring home live rats so our cats can have a proper diet? Could you or would you do that for your cat?

Imagine feeding your cat a raw meat diet

Journey (Journicus TaPusser) demonstrates eating raw chicken.  Small bones can be easily chewed and digested when raw but become too brittle and could cause injury if cooked.  Larger bones such as leg and thighs can be broken down with a hammer or mallet so kitty can eat them.

That may not be very realistic for most people unless you lived in the country and have a barn full of rats, for the cats of course. The small mammal is the true dietary standard for a cat, like it or not. What I propose is to try to mimic that diet with other raw meats, bones, and supplements. The homemade raw cat food would be the least expensive to make over a time. Read also: Cat Food - Homemade vs. Commercial.

Raw meat diet is best for cats

Europeans have been feeding their cats a raw diet for quite some time and this is normal practice in Germany. Most European veterinarians understand the relationship of a raw meat diet to extend the cat’s life and health with fewer complications compared to a diet of commercial pet food. Getting most North Americans to prepare a raw meat diet for their cat may not be realistic.

Recommendations for a raw meat diet for your cat

Here are some alternate suggestions that are prepared and ready to go without taking too much time. The cost is in line with premium canned cat foods and far more beneficial for your cat’s health. The products I recommend to you can be purchased from a quality pet food store or online.

Stella and Chewy’s is a dehydrated raw diet that you rehydrate with warm water and served up to kitty in about 5 minutes. This product contains the probiotics to help your cat digest the food. This product is available at pet food stores and online. The beauty of dehydrated raw cat food takes away the concern of high bacteria that some raw foods may have. Note that all raw food, (fresh or dehydrated), left at room temperature will build a bacteria load in several hours so refrigerate or discard leftover food.

Fresh frozen raw meat diet for cats are a good alternative

Another opportunity to providing your cat with raw meat is the frozen raw cat diets available at the pet food store. My favorite easily is “Rad Cat” manufactured in Oregon and available on the west coast. This is a balanced and supplemented organic raw diet designed for cats. You will need to add probiotics but I always recommend that in any cat diet whether it is commercial or homemade.

I would also comment that a cat on a raw diet will start having smaller stools and less smelly. They will appear to be very dark in color and dry. Read also: Cat Food Information, Cat Care And Cat Health In All About Cat Article.

Your cat will utilize more nutrients in the food because it has the metabolism to do that. Most commercial pet foods are loaded with fat (to addict your cat on the food) and carbohydrates that are not natural or normal in a cat’s diet. They lack the metabolism to utilize this food completely and that is why the stool stinks.

You may also find that the amount of food your cat needs will decrease with a raw diet compared to commercial foods and this helps reduce the overall costs with this diet.

How To Raw Feed Your Cat


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