Sphynx Cat Breed

Sphynx Cat Breed Information
Sphynx Cat Breed

Sphynx Cat Breed Information

Sphynx cat is not your typical breed; they are distinguished by their lack of fur and were actually originally bred due to a random occurrence. This cat breed began in Toronto, Canada in the 1960s all because a domestic cat had a hairless kitten. The current breed is descended from this kitten and since the 1960s has gained in popularity due to their unique look and lack of shedding.
Keep in mind that because of its lack of fur, Sphynx cat is prone to sunburn so you should always put a cat-safe sunblock on your kitten when it goes outside. You should also know that even though sphynx kittens are hairless, they still produce dander that can produce an allergic reaction. Although sphynxes don’t shed, they do produce natural oils so daily sponging might be a good idea.

You will always recognize sphynx cats because of their lack of hair, but what other features define them? The skin of this cat breed is wrinkly and in addition to lacking hair, some sphynx kittens don’t have eyebrows or whiskers either. Read also: Snowshoe Cat Breed Information.

They also have a pixie face with very large, bat-like ears. Males usually weight somewhere around 8 to 10 pounds while females are around 7 to 9 pounds. Despite their weight, sphynxes have a high metabolism so don’t be surprised if your cat eats a large amount of food each day without gaining any weight.

Sphynx cat is very social and love not only their family, but also house guests. They are good with other pets and children. This cat breed can be very intelligent in addition to being playful. You will notice that when sphynx kittens are feeling energetic, it will run around at very high speeds, but when it’s time for a rest, it will love to take a nap in a nice, warm place which frequently means under your blankets. For more details and information about sphynx cat breed, click here.

Sphynx Cat Facts

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