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Snowshoe Cat Breed

Snowshoe Cat Breed Information
Snowshoe Cat Breed Information


Snowshoe cats are one of the kitty breeds that were developed with a specific goal in mind. In the early 1960s, Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty crossed a Siamese and a bicolor American Shorthair. The resulting kitten was sturdy and pointed with white markings on its chest, feet and face. Based on this cat, Vikki Olander worked for recognition of Snowshoe kittens, a goal which she achieved in 1974. This is one of the cat breeds that is now recognized by all major registries although they are one of the rare kitty breeds.


When you first look at a Snowshoe, you may be reminded of a fluffy Siamese as both cat breeds they are based on, Siamese and American Shorthair, are evident. Snowshoe kittens get their pointed coat from their Siamese relatives and also have an inverted V going from their forehead to their muzzle in addition to marking on their feet, both of which are white. Snowshoe cats follow the coloring of Siamese, meaning they can be: chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream, blue, seal or lilac in addition to being either mitted or bicolor. Despite this coloring, Snowshoe kittens are initially born white and their point colors will begin to develop as they reach maturity.

Snowshoe cats are one of the medium-sized kitty breeds, with a muscular firm body that is generally between 10 and 12 pounds. Like their Siamese relatives, this is one of the cat breeds with blue eyes. Their eyes sit on a head with a modified wedge shape and medium-sized ears. Because of their breeding history of coming from American Shorthair and Siamese cats, Snowshoes have a short coat. Read also: American Curl Cat Breed Information.


Snowshoe kittens are one of the cat breeds that is generally in good health but some of the problems associated with Siamese cats, such as crossed eyes or a kinked tail, may occur. Because of their short coat, Snowshoe cats are very easy to groom and unlike some kitty breeds, the actually enjoy the attention they get while grooming.


Many Snowshoe cats are talkative, although some may not be. However, those that are talkative will generally have a more melodic and softer voice than that of their Siamese relatives. They are also one of the intelligent kitty breeds, making them easy to train. Snowshoe kittens are very affectionate and love people. They will also do well with other pets, as long as they are socialized correctly, making them ideal for any type of family whether it has kids or pets. Just know that if you are thinking of adopting a Snowshoe that you should be prepared for a very affectionate cat that will enjoy sitting on your lap. For more details and information about snowshoe cat breed, click here.


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