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Ocicat Cat Breed

Ocicat Cat Breed Information
Ocicat Cat

Ocicat Cat Breed Information

Ocicat kittens were first bred by Virginia Daly in 1964 in Michigan. The first litter was bred from Abyssinian and Siamese cats and this produced ticked-coated kittens. The second litter gave one wildcat-looking male kitten which was closer to the current breed’s appearance. These kitty breeds (Siamese and Abyssinian) were cross-bred some more, with the addition of the American Shorthair, until they produced the current Ocicat cats. The first Ocicat appeared in 1965 but disappeared until the early 1980s since when they have grown greatly in popularity compared with other cat breeds.

Ocicat kittens are easily distinguished by their appearance resembling that of an ocelot. This is because their trademark is spots of thumbprint size. They are one of the medium sized kitty breeds and have a sleek, athletic body with solid muscles. This is one of the cat breeds that comes in many colors as Ocicat cats can come in 12 recognized fur colors, some of which are: chocolate, blue, ebony-silver, cinnamon-silver and lavender-silver. Read also: Tonkinese Cat Breed Information.

Although Ocicat kittens are generally healthy, they are at a higher risk of gingivitis than other cat breeds so make sure to brush their teeth regularly. Other than their dental care, Ocicats are one of the low maintenance kitty breeds and only require rubbing a cloth across their coats weekly in order to get rid of dead hairs. Female Ocicat cats are generally 6 to 9 pounds while their male counterparts are usually 9 to 14 pounds.

If you don’t train your Ocicat, it can seem demanding, but with the proper training, Ocicat kittens can easily learn tricks and the simple obedience commands. If you want to take them for a walk, Ocicat cats can be trained to use leashes and wear a harness more easily than other cat breeds can. They are very intelligent and will not only interact with you but also talk to you frequently (just like other kitty breeds bred from Siamese). They are also very athletic and love to hunt and leap onto high spots.

Because Ocicat kittens are very outgoing, they do well with strangers and adapt well to new situations and environments. In addition, this is one of the kitty breeds that does well with other pets and children. For more details and information about ocicat cat breedclick here

Ocicat Cat Breed Facts


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