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Havana Brown cat

Havana Brown Temperament

Havana Brown cats are:

  • Medium sized cat (males 8lb-10lbs tend to be larger than females 6lb-8lbs)

  • Legs appear longer than bodies

  • Mahogany (chocolate/red) coat colour (including whiskers)

  • Wide set oval green eyes

  • Large, round tipped ears

The Havana Brown is a truly lovely looking cat with her rich chocolate brown coat which has a deep reddish mahogany colour to it. Her whiskers will also be a brown colour and her eyes will develop into a beautiful brilliant green shade as she matures.

Very much built like their Siamese cousins with that slender, sleek, graceful and elegant body type the Havana Brown is very much a people cat. A very playful cat they are energetic and enjoy interacting with their humans and other family pets.

They have a unique tendency to use their paw to feel as most cats would use their sense of smell to investigate new things. Vocally the Havana Brown a very soft warm quality.

Where does the Havana Brown come from?

The Havana Brown is a man made hybrid, a cross between a Black Shorthair and a Chocolate Point Siamese. Although there are records of solid brown cats through history dating back hundreds of years these solid brown coated cats were born more by fluke than by design and it is only in relatively recent times that this body type and colour of cat has been developed as a breed.

What type of Body does the Havana Brown have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Havana Brown body characteristics include:

  • Chocolate mahogany solid coloured coat

  • Green eyes

  • Brown whiskers

  • Paw pads are a harmonising rose colour

  • The original English bred version of this breed is only accepted as a Havana Brown if she is a solid brown colour unlike the American version where they are breeding these cats to produce the Oriental solid colours in a wide range.

History of the Havana Brown?

Although as mentioned above, there have been recordings of solid brown coloured cats through history, these have not been as a direct result of a pre-existing breed. The Havana Brown originated in England in the 19th century and was exported to North American in the mid 1950’s.

There are several theories of how they became know as the Havana Brown. One was because of there rich brown coat resembling the colour of the famous Havan cigar. The other was simply its coat resemblance to that of the Havana rabbit which also has a rich chocolaty colour fur.

Food the Havana Brown eats?

The Havana Brown will eat normal cat foods whether it’s a tined food or biscuit.

Is the Havana Brown an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Havana Brown is as happy out of doors as she is indoors.

Does the Havana Brown have health problem?

The Havana Brown has no genetic defects and is a relatively healthy cat. Being of the shorthair strain of cats she will only require a weekly grooming to remove any loose old hair. Typically she will see to her own grooming requirements. For more details, click here.



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