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Dragon Li Cat Breed

Dragon Li Cat Breed Information
Dragon Li Cat

Dragon Li Temperament

Dragon Li cats are:
  • Strong full bodied.
  •  Unique.
  • Highly intelligent.

A subspecies of the Chinese mountain cat the Dragon Li cat has a unique ability to self domesticate itself. Very fond of attention this highly intelligent feline loves being the centre of attention. Read also: Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Information.

Where does the Dragon Li come from?

The Dragon Li cat originates from China and is one of its most common cat breeds. There are very few outside of its home country.

What type of Body does the Dragon Li have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Dragon Li cat body characteristics include:
  • Strong full bodied stature.
  • A unique golden brown, broken mackerel tabby pattern.
  • Large almond shaped eyes in a yellow/green luminescent color.
  • Distinctively tipped ears.
  • Short fur.
  • The Dragon Li cat has a very commanding nature, is very self aware and has an uncanny ability to be very aware of its surroundings. Read also: European Shorthair Cats Information

History of the Dragon Li?

Little is known of the history of this feline other than it emerged in 2003.

Food the Dragon Li eats?

The Dragon Li cat will eat normal cat foods whether it’s a tined food or biscuit. You must always follow recommended feeding guidelines for your breed of cat.

Is the Dragon Li an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Dragon Li is more suitable to outdoor living because of its wild nature having said that it also has a unique ability to self domesticate so is also willing to spend time and develop close bonds with the humans it habitats with.

Does the Dragon Li have health problem?

The Dragon Li cat is generally a healthy cat but as with all pets she will benefit from annual health checks to make sure kidney and liver function are normal and also for any tooth decay from about 8 years onwards. For more details and information about dragon li cat breed, click here.

 Dragon Li Cat Breed Facts


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