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American Wirehair Cat Breed

American Wirehair Cat Breed Information
American Wirehair Cat

American Wirehair Temperament

The American Wirehair is said to be:

  • Intelligent.
  • Affectionate.
  • Calm.
  • Reserved.
  • Loyal.
  • Playful.
  • Inquisitive.

Where does the American Wirehair come from?

The American Wirehair cat comes from a litter of six kittens born from two barn cats. One of the six kittens had wiry hair as a random mutation rather than a normal coat like the rest. This kitten was a male with red and white, wiry fur. The cats owner called a local breeder who bred Rex cats, Mrs William O'Shea and asked her to take a look at this odd kitten. Mrs William O'Shea bought the wiry furred kitten for 50 dollars with a female kitten that was normal, from the same litter. This was so she could begin a breeding program. The Male with the wiry hair was named Council Rock Farm Adam of Hi-Fi with the female being called Tip-Toe of Hi-Fi.

The two cats were bred and created a litter of wirehair kittens that were then sold to other interested breeders. The population grew and the American Wirehair was exported to Canada and Germany. In 1978 the breed was recognised and accepted for Championship competitions. Read also: Antipodean Cat Breed Information.


American Wirehair kittens are one of the cat breeds that is small to medium in size. These cats typically have medium sized legs and tails and are muscular. Their ears are also medium and are slightly rounded at the tip and sit on a round head with prominent cheekbones. American Wirehair cats usually have quite large eyes. This is one of the kitty breeds that can be found in 27 patterns and color variations. The coat itself is short, coarse and dense. Individual hairs (as well as the whiskers) are usually bent, hooked or crimped in American Wirehairs.


Some American Wirehair kittens may have allergies related to their skin and because the skin is oily, they may need occasional bathing. When American Wirehairs are stressed, their coat may fall out or break and the same is true when brushing them, so special care should be taken and brushing should be avoided.


American Wirehair cats are one of the kitty breeds that are very people-orientated and affectionate. While this is one of the playful cat breeds, they are not clingy or hyperactive. Overall, the personality of American Wirehair kittens is similar to that of the American Shorthairs they were bred with. They also usually rather staying indoors.

What type of Body does the American Wirehair have?

The American Wirehair cat has a body that is:

What type of coat does an American Wirehair have?

The American Wirehair cats coat is:

  • Thick.
  • Crimped texture.
  • Hard.
  • Becomes thicker during the winter.
  • Springy.
  • Dense.
  • Coarse.
  • They also come in a variety of colors.

Food the American Wirehair eats

The American Wirehair will eat any cat for weather it's a wet or dry food. A healthy diet is very important and will help provide all the nutrients your cats body needs for a healthy life style.

Is the American Wirehair an indoor or outdoor cat?

It is recommended that you keep your American Wirehair indoor's as they are prone to allergies and by keeping them inside you can prevent them becoming ill. For more Information about american wirehair cat breed, Click here.

American Wirehair Cat Facts


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