Cat Breeds- An Insight

Cat Breeds- An Insight
Cat Breeds- An Insight

Cat Breeds

During the past times, cats have always practiced self breeding. Initially, they served as hunting and killing rodents, but as time progressed, the humans started breeding the cats as per their likes. In the present times there are a number of breeds of cats and a close look proves this fact.

With the help of cat registries, it has been recognized that over 70 different breeds of cats exist in today’s times. Several registries confirm the fact that there are as many as 40 breeds which are recognized, and these do not include breeds like the tigers. Apart from this there are many variations also, which include cats which have long hairs, also known as ‘wild cats’

Some breeds of the cats trail back deep in the past. A few Japanese breeds like the Japanese Bobtail root back to as many as 1000 years in the past. During the Medieval periods, this breed of cats was very common. But in the present times, they are just a myth across the globe, including Japan. Read also: HISTORY OF CATS.

Some commonly found breeds of cats in North America consist of the alley cat, which has long hairs and the Persian cat. The Persian cats are the most popular amongst their co-breeds as they have proved to be very friendly and loving as companions. Based on their types and their origin, they can be very expensive. Another commonly found cat breed is the Siamese cats, even though they are well known for their destroying nature and bad temper.

The most commonly found breed in North America are the alley cats. Although they comprise of several different breeds, they are commonly known as the ‘alley cats’. Even though there are several hundred of such cats that exist, they make good pets for us. We all know, cats breed more in comparison to other pets, and they will go on doing so, until they are restricted. Amongst the thousands of cats, ho don’t have a home, the Alley cats breed the most, as they have nothing better to do.

The physical appearance of the cat is the simplest method of determining their breeds. Some people opt to identify by their colors, though it is difficult to determine through this. The looks of the cats differentiate their breeds, such as the Persian and Siamese cats. Siamese cats can be easily identified by their eyes and the hair color, which is generally always black. On the other hand, Persian cats are easy to identify based on their hair color and their body type. Read also: Are You Interested In Finding Out About The Different Types Of House Cat.

During the past years, a very few breeds have come up. Cats have been the most popular and the oldest pets. A number of people have cats as pet throughout the world, and have been preferred to be kept as pets over any other pet, which does not exclude dogs. Cats have proved to be great pets and will continue to be so during the coming years, no matter what breed they are. For more information about cat breeds, Click here.

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