Cat’s closeness to their masters

Cat’s closeness to their masters

There have been mixed opinions about the cat’s behavior in general. Many qualified people who have studied the subject state that cats are independent in nature, whereas some state that the cats have been closely associated to the humans as part of their survival method. There have been a lot of views about these statement, some in favor, some against it, however, those who are in favor of this statement, are the ones who don’t accept the cats as pets. 

Cat’s closeness to their masters
 Cat’s closeness to their masters

People who have been keeping cats as pets say that the cats have been great companions and have been close to them, though they are sometimes particular about choices. It has been noticed that the cats choose one person in particular amongst the family members with whom they choose to be close. The common signs are that the cat would want to snuggle into you while you are sleeping or jump around in your lap to gather your attention. When they choose to be close to you, they demonstrate their affection by purring. Read also: Guiness World Records involving cats.

Many experts have researched into this, but have not been able to conclude as to why the cats choose a particular person to be close. Opinions have been that the individual’s manner, voice or the way the person treats the cat can be a reason, or maybe the person’s gentleness or slight harshness over the cat makes it choose the person.

The experts on this subject have tried monitoring the behavior from different angles. Many studies and researches by experts have associated this behavior of the cats as “psychic aura”, which makes the cat and the individual comfortable with each other. Cats have been noticed to ignore people who have a displeasing feeling about the cat. Though some people accept this theory with doubts, a lot of cat owners have acknowledged this behavior in their cats.

Despite a number of researches and studies, till date there has been no concrete conclusion about this behavior of the cats. There is not much evidence about the cat’s natural survival instincts. The cat owners accept that the cats demand their attention and enjoy pampering by their masters and are as willing to return the treatment whenever there is a chance. Read also: Are You Interested In Finding Out About The Different Types Of House Cat.

Some people who have just started keeping cats as their pets might face a different closeness. When talking about their closeness, it is clear that they have a different behavior in comparison to other pets which also include the dogs. The behavior of the cats might vary with their breed, though most of these demand attention and care. Time also plays an important role in sharing the closeness with cats and the in time you will realize a deep sense of closeness which is simply unbreakable.

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