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Common Health Problems of Cats

common health problems for cats
Common Health Problems of Cats

Common Health Problems of Cats

You may be amazed to discover that health related problems in cats are quite often, especially if you have just started keeping cats as pets. The breed of the cat does not make a difference and such issues can be expected. Some of these might be in the genes, whereas there are some, for which you can take precaution.


Commonly noted and frequent health problem in the cats, whatever breed they are, is worms. The most recognized amongst these are tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. If you observe that your cat is not putting on appropriate weight, has fleas or if a white substance exists in the cats stool, consult a veterinary doctor to get a check up done for worms. Though they are curable, they can prove to be dangerous if they are not treated properly. Read also: How to groom your cat.


One of the most prominent problems that cats have is the hairballs they develop. By natural instincts, the cats groom themselves everyday. In this process, they swallow the loose hair on their coats. Sometimes, such loose hairs unite together to form a ball and wedge themselves in the cats digestive tract and do not pass in the stool. This may cause your cat to end up coughing to throw out the hairball. Though it might look unclean, but most of the times, they manage to get the hairball out of their system by doing so.

In uncommon chances, the cat might not be able to manage this and this results in a blockage in the cat’s intestine. As we are all aware, such problems can be very dangerous and can pose a threat to life as well if they are not treated properly.  The common symptoms of this would be that the cat does not eat properly, has a dull coat of hair or faces constipation problems. Consult your nearest veterinary doctor if you see such symptoms. Such situations can be prevented by ensuring regular brushing to remove the loose hairs. Also food produced to control hairballs is available and you can feed the cat with this food.

Urinary tract infection

Another health problem in cats is the Urinary tract infection, which is mostly found in the male cats which haven’t been neutered. However, in some cases the female cats can also attain this problem. The common symptoms are when the cat stops excreting or the cat’s urine leaves a pungent odor. If you observe this, consult the veterinary doctor. The problem is curable with proper treatment and also you can prevent it in future by taking accurate precautions. Read also: What diseases of cats are transmissible to humans?

Feline leukemia

Feline Leukemia has been so far the major cause of cat losses in the past. Today, however, a number of vaccinations are available to cure this disease. For treatment of this problem, the cat has to be given the shot before being exposed. Although you may be able to save the cat from an immediate death, their life span still gets shortened. Do not let other cats to be close to your cat, if it is suffering from Feline Leukemia, as it is highly infectious virus.

Proper medical attention and regular check ups by your veterinary doctor can ensure a healthy and normal life of your cat. Make sure that the cat receives its vaccinations on time and does not stray out of the house, as it can prevent a lot of diseases from occurring. If you cat visits outside the house regularly, always visit the veterinary on regular basis for check ups. Ensuring proper care of your cat will keep it healthy and it will be your friends for long years to come.

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