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Surviving car travel with your cat

Surviving car travel with your cat
Surviving car travel with your cat


Driving long distances with a feline passenger isn’t always easy. The following tips will hopefully help you keep your sanity during your journey.

If you are taking your cat to another state or country, then you will need a health certificate from your veterinarian. This will provide proof that your cat is healthy and has all of her vaccinations. This certificate will likely be required for airline travel also. Read also: Air Travel For Dogs And Cats: 10 Techniques To Ensure A Safe Trip.

For longer trips, you will definitely need to pack a few of your cat’s belongings. Don’t forget to pack her medications, especially if they are vital like for asthma, diabetes, or heart problems.

Cats should never be left to roam around inside your car during travel. She may hit one of the pedals or distract you at an inopportune time. Therefore, you will need to buy a suitable carrier.

Your feline will need plenty of room inside the carrier, so make sure that you get one that is big enough. She should be able to turn around without hitting the sides. It is best to have multiple carriers if you have multiple cats. Even if they normally get along at home, the trip may make things a bit testy between the two. Read also: Cat tricks and psychology Definitive guide: Teach tricks like high five.

Cats typically don’t like being in cars, let alone for long periods of time. Make sure that you stop at regular intervals to get your feline a break. If you plan to be driving for more than 12 hours, you may want to stop for an overnight stay. Keep in mind that not every motel or hotel is pet-friendly. Ideally, you will research this even before you leave home.

Cats really pay attention to their surroundings. Plenty of cats will whine while traveling in the car because of this. You can help minimize problems by covering your cat’s carrier with a blanket. Just make sure that you don’t stifle all airflow though.

While on the road, your cat will most likely get bored. Pack some of her favorite toys to help ease boredom. Having a few of her favorite treats around will help also.

Speaking of treats, you may want to bring your cat’s regular food from home. You shouldn’t count on being able to find your normal brand on the road. Switching to a new food is rarely easy, especially in an unfamiliar environment. Read also: Moving to New Home with the Cat.

You never want to think about your cat getting lost, but you should also be prepared for it. Ensure that your cat has proper identification on her collar. Information to have on the tag include your name, cell phone number, and home address. The carrier should also have a tag with this information.

Taking your cat along with you on the road doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By following these tips, you’ll hopefully end up at your destination safe, sound, and happy.

5 Tips for traveling by car with a cat


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