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Simple ways to show love and affection towards your cat


Simple ways to show love and affection towards your cat
Simple ways to show love and affection towards your cat

Simple ways to show love and affection towards your cat

Just one of the multiple and subtle ways that your cat displays their love for you as a human being is shown directly through the tail. Certain cat experts explain that a cat that curves it’s tail, puffing it up right at the base and showing a quick quiver and/or shake is an absolute “I enjoy your company” type of affection from your cat.

Also of note, a cat’s tail that is “curled” or wrapped around the leg or arm of it’s most well liked human is actually a cat’s way of what humans would recognize as holding hands. Too bad us humans are lacking the capacity to give back to the cat these loving signs of affection in a similar way, although there just so happen to be a few different feline-related “cues” of love/affection that we can easily mirror in order to show the cat how much we care about them. Read also: Cat Care FAQ.

Slow blinks, also known as “cat kisses”

People refer to what’s called slow blinks as “cat kisses”.  Your feline friend will certainly understand this display of affection and friendship if you mimic this type of action. When your cat is gently relaxing right next to you, move right  down to his/her eye level and try to mirror your cat’s sleepy eyelids and loving gaze for a nice tender moment between you and your cat.

Would you like to find out if a specific cat is at all interested in being your new friend? Some recommend extending one of your fingers right to nose-level. If your cat takes the “bait” and touches your finger with his/her nose, this is a special connection you have just made with your cat. Your cat will now rub his/her cheeks right against your finger/hand in a physical response to “mingle” his/her smell with yours – a time-tested display of trusting and friend making.

You can now continue to practice this right inside the home with your own cats. Initiating the first move will show that you are open and willing to interact/communicate in a language your cat can easily understand. Now, you will also be giving your cat the option not to engage with you right at that particular moment, which cats tend to respect and enjoy from their owners.

The “head bonk”

Most cat owners’ favorite type of “kitty connections” is the head butt. There is always something so enjoyable about having your cat purr like an engine and bumping their head off of your head. When cats are performing this action, they are displaying their love and trust while also claiming you as his/her “property”.

Most cat experts do not typically recommend initiating the head butt, although if your cat happens to be offering the head bonks, it will be a unique opportunity for you to now display your similar feelings for the cat. Lean gently into your cat’s head bonk and allow both of your faces to rub up against each other. There could be a slight chance that you might end up with a sneeze or two, although your cat will surely appreciate your efforts. Read also: Petting Your Cat: A How-To Guide.

Pay attention to vocal cues

Lately, a good amount of research has been showing that feline vocalizations are generally much more complex and diverse than most people can realize. Not only that, but many cats domestically are much more vocal than their cousins in the wild, a developing fact that some cat experts feel displays the cat’s desire to communicate with humans in a relatable way.

Cats do have their very own cute series of chirps, meows, purring and chortles that they hold on to for people or other cats that tend to be very special to them. When your cat starts to talk, you can then try to mirror or reflect the tone and pitch of the cat’s sounds right back to him/her. This action, along with physical cues, can always help reassure your kitty that he/she is cared for and in a safe spot.

Grooming your cat

Even though it is not as common as a few other signals of love/affection, there are cats that actually make an attempt to “groom” their human owners just like they would do with another companion of the feline variety. If you are able to tolerate your cat’s sandpaper-like tongue, then you can now accept this action as an important sign of friendship.

Licking your cat back would be a fantastic way to show your love, but it just isn’t practical, not to mention the hairballs you would get. Rather, try using a damp warm rag and rub it gently around your cat’s back and head. This particular sensation will be very reminiscent of the motherly style of grooming that your cat had received as a baby. Light brushing will also work as well, just as long as your cat’s fur is un-matted and healthy.

You are more than likely wild about cats, and you probably do not even care who knows it either. The special love that you have for your cats really knows no boundaries. You definitely want to make certain that your cats can and do understand that they hold a special place in your heart. Read also: Do you need to bathe your cat?

You can take a cat nap

A cat that happens to trust and love you will always be entirely comfortable sleeping next to you. They are much more inclined to label you in their mind as a sort of protector if your cat can feel totally safe when they happen to be at their most vulnerable stage (sleeping) next to you. You typically do not always have to share the bed with your cat, although if you will be cuddling on the comfy couch for some movies or TV, get situated and curl right up with your cat to catch some sleep. Your cat will ultimately feel a strong amount of love knowing that you can always trust each others company.

Try out some forms of training for your cat

Believe it or not, you can train cats contrary to popular belief. Not only that, the cat will generally be bored when they go for a good amount of time without any form of mental stimulation. Training has the ability to let you strengthen your understanding and connection with your cat, and training will also let you reward your cat for a doing a good job. The  rewards will ultimately help your cat see you as the main provider, and your cat will know that he/she can consistently count on your support. This will always help you both build the relationship, and before you know it your cat will be feeling completely loved and admired. Read also: Surviving car travel with your cat.

Ways To Show Your Cats Love That They Can Understand


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