Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet

Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet
Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet

Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet

Come to think of it, will you let family members or guests crap on the floor on in a big box in your home? Definitely not! That is also why you should not allow your cats to do the same. Cats are members of your family. They should learn to use the toilet in the way civilized people do.

Cat owners should be very particular about toilet training their pets because of the presence of diseases possibly acquired from cat feces. And cat owners at a heightened risk of being exposed to them. One of such diseases is toxoplasmosis. If only for that reason, a litter box should be maintained in your home. However, it is quite possible to toilet-train your cat – and doing that is much easier than having to empty the cat litter all the time. As a matter of fact, the CitiKitty kit is going to be very helpful in this case. But that is going to be rather expensive for you. However, you can build something like it from the items purchased at dollar store. Make your own toilet training kit today. Read also: How to Train Cats for the Toilet?

There’s an advantage to making your own cat toilet trainer for you can easily adjust it to your cat’s ways and learning process. Cats are different from one another – no tool will ever work in the same way.

Overview of the Functions

Technically speaking, what you’ll make is a toilet bowl with a lid. You’re going to need one flat-bottomed bowl attached at the underside of the toilet lid. From your cat’s point of view, it will look nothing different from a traditional cat box. However, this is going to be placed over the toilet. And as your cat learns how to use this bowl, you will be able to remove one item or another. Taking the bowl out is going to be your ultimate goal. Soon, your cat will be forced to stand on the toilet lid and squat over the hole where the flat bowl used to be. Adjust accordingly when training your cat. You might have to use a different bowl or a dustpan should you need to use the toilet yourself. Read also: Why Should You Toilet Train Your Cat?

Design a system that would make it easier for your cat to use the toilet like people would as much as possible. The reason why most cats won’t use the toilet even after training is because the lids can be slippery. In some cases, it could be too sloped or too narrow for them. Cats that are not standoffish will find a way about it. Just be sure to put the lid down before using the toilet and up again to make it ready for your cat. Roughly, all the components that you need won’t cost you more than $20. 

Cat Toilet Training [Step by Step]

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