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Tips For Choosing A Pet Sitter

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Tips For Choosing A Pet Sitter

Tips For Choosing A Pet Sitter

You’ve been looking forward to your vacation. You’ve made the travel arrangements. What do I do with my cat, you ask?

You could leave your cat alone. She’s independent and is happy on her own. Leaving your cat alone for over twelve hours isn’t a good idea. Cats can get sick. Read also: Choosing Cat Litter – Clumping or Non Clumping.

There are three options: Board you cat, have family/friends watch out for your cat or hire a pet sitter. Which is best? The best choice, hire a pet sitter to care for her needs.

What Is A Pet-Sitter?

“Pet sitting” is “the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away.”

Why Use A Pet Sitter?

Cats become stressed when play and eating routines change. Another consideration, cats are territorial. Boarding your cat changes her surroundings and is a stressful experience. Certain cats may love the experience, but most will appreciate remaining within their territory.

How Long Is The Visit? How Often? Daily? Two Times a Day?

The standard visit – 30 minutes. Depending upon your cats needs, a pet-sitter can make one or two visits a day. An extra trip or early morning or late-night visits cost extra.

Where Do I Find a Pet-Sitter?

Look through local papers and ads, Craigs-list or an internet search. has listing of pet-sitters, and Pet Sitters International(PSI)

What services? What Will She Do? Playtime?

A pet-sitter will offer a variety of services, depending on your needs. Services offered include – feeding,playtime, grooming, cleaning the litter box, providing fresh water and administering medication. The pet-sitter will make sure your cat gets care if she becomes sick. Many will even check your mail and water plants. An interview will clarify the services she offers.

Pet Sitter Interview – Questions To Ask – Meet and Greet

This is the most important part of your quest. You will clarify here what your pet-sitter will do, her qualifications, the cost and if she is a good fit for your cat. PSI offers a guide to help with the process – Tips For Conducting a Pet-Sitter Interview. You should do a meet and greet during the interview. See how your cat reacts to the perspective pet-sitter. Does your cat respond favorably to her? Is she comfortable around your cat? Read also: Why Does My Cat Knead?

Make Sure You Give Yourself enough Time For The Search

The best pet-sitters will need two weeks notice before taking you and your cat on as a client. So, don’t wait till the last-minute. it’s a good idea to plan. Even have someone lined up before you start your vacation plans. You want the best for your cat, right? So be sure you have the proper match and you have time to check the sitters criminal background and references.

Things To Do Before You Go

You’ve made your choice and if you’ve done the meet and greet, so has your cat. You’re excited, it’s been a long year and you are ready to start your vacation. Before you go:

Tell your vet about your travel plans and give him your sitters name, make sure vaccinations are up-to-date.

Leave an extra key with a neighbor.


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