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American Bobtail Cat Breed

American bobtail cat
American Bobtail

American Bobtail

American bobtail cats are:
  • Like dogs.
  • Adaptable.
  • Devoted.
  • Loving.
  • Kind.
  • Gentle.
  • Playful.
  • Energetic.
  • Very intelligent.

They make very good pets as they love children and get on very well with other animals. They can be very quite until they insist on playing a game such as fetch or hide and seek, they may also like to hide your things to amuse themselves.

Where does the American Bobtail come from?

The American Bobtail cat originated from Arizona Indian reservation. It was then bred to produce a cat that had a naturally bobbed tail. It was recognised as a breed in 2000 by the Cat Fancier's world making it a fairly new breed.

What type of Body does the American Bobtail have?
The American Bobtail cat has an athletic body that is muscular and powerful. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front with a semi-cobby body and a semi wedge shaped head. Read also: American Wirehair Cat Breed Information.

What type of coat does an American Bobtail have?

The American Bobtail can have long or short hair and be any colour.

What type of pattern does an American Bobtail have?

They can have many types of pattern with the tabby pattern being the most common.

Physical characteristics of the American Bobtail

The American Bobtail cat has almond shaped eyes with any eye colour and coat colour with the tabby pattern being the most common. Their tails are bobbed with the average size being about 4 inches long.

Food the American Bobtail eats?

American Bobtail cats don't have any special dietary requirements and will eat normal cat food you may like to give them.

Is the American Bobtail an indoor or outdoor cat?

The American Bobtail cat can be both but be warned, they are very good at escaping if you want to keep them inside, so keep an eye on him or her.
American Bobtails are incredibly loving smart cats. They are highly interactive cats that bond with her human family with great dedication to have a distinctive wild appearance. They can entertain by their instincts and provide their owners with soft and warm dedication, crying in times of stress.

American Bobtails are famous for their passion for games and can hide and seek for consecutive hours. They start games with their owners, and at home, they show their hunting instincts by catching flying insects in the air.

 Basically the cat is a quiet, easy breed, it is well consistent with most dogs and welcoming new arrivals, it is known that the American Bobtail winding, chirp, and flicking. The leash is easily trained and love to walk with people.

American Bobtail was developed by natural selection. They are medium and large cats with large rectangular bodies. Their tails are short and flexible and may be straight, slightly curly, slightly curved, or have protrusions along their length. There is no similar tail. When the cat is alert, the natural tail is clearly visible in the upper back.

The head is a modified wide wedge with a noticeable longitudinal interval higher than a well-defined, wide-length muzzle, the chin is strong. Gives an eye shape with a natural brow hunting breed and express vigilance and intelligence.

 The American Bobtail is a long and moderately large cat with a rectangular position; the chest is full and spacious with hips and prominent shoulder blades. With the legs of the hunk, they have a muscular and athletic appearance which is a deceptively heavy cat.

American Bobtail Cat Breed Information

The American Bobtail is a slow-maturing breed, which takes two to three years to reach its adult size. Males are usually relatively larger than females.

It comes in all patterns and colors, giving preference to colors and patterns that enhance the natural appearance of the breed. They come in coat lengths: a short hairy thick coat, a medium long hair coat. All that is necessary in order to keep the coat in its magnificent form is found in the bathroom is a light brush. Read also: American Cur Cat Breed Information.

The primary stock of this breed was the wild domestic cats that had a natural tail and were hard to tame. A skilled breeders, using local counterfeit materials found from all over the United States, worked together to produce the wonderful American Bobtails that we see today.

One of the most interesting phenomena of the new breed is the stunning similarity of cats with no known common heritage, American Bobtails are a strong and very healthy breed, not experiencing a known genetic predisposition to health problems.

You should look for reputable breeders when you choose the American Bobtail who will undoubtedly have a series of questions for you designed to ensure that you and American Bobtail are compatible.

Breeders usually provide kittens between the ages of twelve and sixteen weeks, when they have enough time with their mothers and colleagues to be socially good and older enough to fully vaccinate them. Maintaining your own American Bobtail game indoors, sterilizing or neutering, and providing acceptable surfaces for normal scratching behavior, are essential to maintaining a healthy, long and pleasant life. For more details and information about American Bobtail Cat Breed, click here.

American bobtail cat facts


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