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Oriental Cat Breed

Oriental cat personality
Oriental Cat

Oriental Cats

Oriental cats are a breed, which had its beginnings within the Siamese cat cultural, where Thailand breeders, bred them specifically with pointed ears and special features. Oriental cats were bred mainly in Great Britain, with other short hair breeds until Siamese kittens looked just like their Siamese ancestors, except for varying colors, patterns or markings.

The litters from Siamese pedigreed breeds, which produced non-pointed ears, were called “Oriental” cats and later defined as “Oriental Shorthair.” The pedigree Oriental cats were imported into the U.S. during the 1970's, with even more varying color and patterns.

Oriental cat size

Oriental cats are bred in specific sizes, which are between 5 and 10 pounds. Oriental cats are also bred in over 300 colors and patterns. They are available in more colors and patterns than any other breed. Oriental cats have a thin, muscular body and a long, wedge-shaped head. Oriental cats also have tapered facial looks, from their nose to the tips of their ears, forming an almost triangular shape. Speaking of ears, Oriental cats have large, flaring ears, which are wide at the base and pointed at the tip. Read also: Ocicat Cat Breed Information.

Their medium sized eyes are beautifully colored almond shaped, with eye coloring in blue, green or one of each. Oriental cats have small, dainty, oval paws and they walk like they are runway cats. They walk with a regal swishing motion, as their long thin tails come to a tapered point. The Oriental Shorthair fur is medium or short in length and lies close to their body. Their fur is great to stroke and pet, due to its silky softness.

Oriental cat personality

Oriental cats are extremely intelligent, energetic and agile, who love to play, play, and play. Owning Oriental cats, is having the knowledge that you must keep them entertained with lots of puzzling and motion active toys. Having toys that exercise their bodies is perfect, including a tall cat tree that they can climb regularly. Oriental cats have a natural curiosity, which keeps them in trouble, because they love to explore and find new experiences in your purse, dresser drawer or kitchen cabinets.

All breed species of Oriental cats love attention because of their loyal and loving nature. They will follow their loved ones around, while playing hide 'n go seek along your route. If you sit down, they will be in your lap instantly or if you lie down, they will nuzzle right next to you. The intelligent and playful Oriental cats are the perfect family pet, especially with children and friendly dogs. They learn very quickly, how to fetch, retrieve, and many other tricks that you may devise. Read also: Burmese Cat Breed Information.

Pedigreed associations for Oriental cats have categorized their patterns in the following manner: tricolor/calico, tortoiseshell, solid, bi-color, tabby, ticking, smoke, shaded, and points. Their pedigreed coloring are divided between “Oriental Self’s,” and “Oriental Non-Self’s,” which includes white, ebony, blue, cream, red, brown, frost, platinum, chocolate, fawn, chestnut, lavender, cinnamon, seal, and champagne.

Oriental cats will be at the front door when you leave the house and return, but don't stay away too long, or else they will scold you for a long time, when you return. Oriental cats enjoy playing indoors and outdoors, however, when outdoors, they should be monitored very closely, only because they are a valuable, sought-after breed. For more details and information about oriental cat breed, click here.

Oriental Cat Breed Facts


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