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Pixie Bob Cat Breed

pixie bob cat personality
Pixie Bob Cat


It is believed that Pixie-Bob cats are one of the kitty breeds that originally came about by accident. In this case, a barn cat and a male cat rumored to descend from a bobcat mated in Washington and had a female kitten who became the basis for Pixie-Bob kittens in 1985. The owner of the male cat, Carol Ann Brewer, led the registration process for Pixie-Bobs and they are now accepted by both the ACFA and TICA.


Pixie-Bob kittens are one of the cat breeds that come in either longhair or shorthair varieties. The skin on the underside of their paws is generally black as is the fur there. They also have heavy hair on their ears, which are also tipped, as well as black lips and eye skin and white fur surrounding their eyes. The chins of Pixie-Bob cats usually have black skin covered in white fur. In general, this is one of the kitty breeds that has a fur pattern resembling a Bobcat or tabby, although they will frequently have red tones mixed into the pattern. Adult Pixie-Bobs usually have green or gold eyes which are hooded.

Pixie-Bob kittens are solid and stocky and are easily distinguished from the other kitty breeds by their feet, which will have frequently have between six and seven toes per foot, making them the only one of the polydactyl cat breeds that is recognized by TICA. Male Pixie-Bob cats generally weigh between 12 and 22 pounds while their female counterparts weigh between 8 and 12. Read also: Havana Brown Cat Breed Information.


Pixie-Bobs are one of the generally health kitty breeds. The longhaired Pixie-Bob cats, like all other longhaired cat breeds, require weekly brushing in order to get rid of any loose fur and to prevent hairballs.

Pixie bob cat personality

While Pixie-Bob kittens are active, they are not one of the cat breeds that is overly so. This is one of the kitty breeds that will form a very strong link with their family. Despite their love of family, Pixie-Bob cats are fine with being left alone for several hours during the day. Pixie-Bobs are also one of the intelligent kitty breeds, making them easily trained to use a harness while walking. They also enjoy playing fetch and are one of the quieter cat breeds. Because they get along well with both kids and other pets, they are an excellent choice for any type of family. For more details and information about pixie bob cat breed, click here.

Pixie Bob Cat Facts


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