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Minskin Cat Breed

Minskin Cat Breed Information
Minskin Cat

Minskin Temperament 

Minskin cats are: 
  • Loving. 
  • Affectionate. 
  • Playful. 
  • Friendly. 
  • Intelligent. 

The Minskin cat is a very people orientated cat. If you want a lap cat that likes lots of attention this is the feline for you. She may have short legs but she can still climb with the best of them although her route may not be as direct and her hunting gene is still very much in tact. She is also incredibly warm to the touch and is ideal for people who have arthritis or similar problems in their hands. Also because of her lack of coat she is potentially an ideal companion for anyone with cat allergies although seeking medical advice is always recommended. Read also: Oriental Cat Breed Information.

Where does the Minskin come from? 

The Minskin cat originates from Boston, USA and is a new breed only being in existence for a little over a decade. 

What type of Body does the Minskin have i.e. coat, patterns etc? 

The Minskin cat body characteristics include: 
  • Semi-Cobby body. 
  • Short legs. 
  • Small round head. 
  • Large round eyes. 
  • Large ears. 
  • Sparse coat with a hairless tummy. 

The Minskin cat is a very unique, striking looking cat and is a dwarf of the cat species. Her body is described as semi-cobby meaning a generally compact, heavy-boned muscular cat but not as largely built as Exotics or Persians but one that is heavier than a medium breed. The Minskin cat coat is appealing, her legs feel like cashmere with a satin sheen, her body is very warm to the touch and needs to be looked after with regular baths with a mild shampoo to keep her skin healthy and supple and care needs to be taken if she is out in the sun to ensure she doesn’t get burnt. 

History of the Minskin

The Minskin cat has a very short history. Developed only 12 years ago in 1998. By 2005 there were only 50 in existence. The Minskin cat was created by using a Munchkin for their short legs, a Sphynx for their hairlessness, the Devon Rex and Burmese were also used in this breeding. Read also: Persian Cat Breed Information.

Food the Minskin eats? 

The Minskin cat will eat normal cat foods whether it’s a tined food or biscuit. You should always follow the recommended feeding guidelines for your cat breed. 

Is the Minskin an indoor or outdoor cat? 

The Minskin cat enjoys playing in the garden but has more of a tendency to be a home body enjoying a warm spot in your lap. 


As mentioned earlier, Munchkin kittens are one of the kitty breeds that is not universally recognized due to health concerns. Despite these concerns, vets performed x-rays on multiple Munchkin cats and found no bone or joint problems, even in the older cats. The breed can however suffer from extreme spine curvature (lordosis) and hollowed chest (pectus excavatum) although both are rare and found in other cat breeds as well. In addition, when two Munchkins produce a breed, the litter is generally small. Because of the small litter sizes and what they see as inconclusive research on the health of the breed, many cat breeders are opposed to Munchkin kittens being bred. For more details and information about minskin cat breed, click here.

Minskin Cat Breed facts


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