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Nebelung Cat Breed

rare cat breed nebelung
Nebelung Cat

Nebelung cat Temperament

Nebelung cats are:
  • Loving.
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Playful.
  • Affectionate.
  • Good natured.

The Nebelung cat is a loving and affectionate animal, she will sit on your lap and soak up all the attention you can spare. Highly intelligent they will waste no time in reminding you whether she requires feeding or her litter tray needs attention. The Nebelung cat is a shy creature when it comes to new people entering her domain and will often disappear, needing time to accept strangers but is loving and loyal to her own humans. Good natured they will follow their humans from room to room just to be in their company. A cat that is not keen on change so things to be taken very slowly and does not like load noises. Read also: Antipodean (New Zealand Shorthair/Longhair)

Where does the Nebelung cat come from?

The Nebelung cat originates, it is believed, from the Russian Blue but the critical difference and that which allows it to be seen as a stand alone breed is the length of the coat. Being a longhaired coat and with the shimmer of silver on the tips of the coat it was permitted to be categorised as a new breed.

What type of Body does the Nebelung cat have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Nebelung cat body characteristics include:
  • Medium sized long body.
  • Long legs.
  • Longhaired.
  • Long tail with longer fur than on the body.
  • Oval eyes in a wedge-shaped head.

The Nebelung cat is a beautiful, graceful, elegant, sleek and long lined cat. The Nebelung cat has oval vivid green or yellow-green eyes, pointed ears, sporting tufts behind them, wide set and has a wonderfully longhaired silky blue/grey coat which is silvery tipped. The Nebelung cat will require regular grooming at least twice a week.

The History of the Nebelung cat?

The history of the Nebelung cat is a little vague, although it is believed the Nebelung cat has links to the Russian Blue, the current strain, produced in the US, came from Cora Cobb’s two cats called Siegfried and Brunhilde who’s mother Elsa was a black shorthaired house cat who was serviced by a tomcat that strongly resembled a Russian Blue. These two cats have produced the litters since that have made up the original breed stock of Nebelung cats. The Nebelung cat is still a very rare cat but one that is worth wait if you wish to own them. Read also: American Wirehair Cat Breed Information.

Food the Nebelung cat eats?

The Nebelung cat will eat normal cat foods whether it’s a tined food or biscuit. You must always follow recommended feeding guidelines for your breed of cat.

Is the Nebelung cat an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Nebelung cat is an active cat but is equally happy indoors or out.

Does the Nebelung cat have health problem?

The Nebelung cat is generally a healthy cat but as with all pets she will benefit from annual health checks to make sure kidney and liver function are normal and also for any tooth decay from about 8 years onwards. For more details and information about nebelung cat breed, click here.

Nibelung cat Personality, History, Care


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