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LaPerm Cat Breed

LaPerm Cat Breed Information
LaPerm Cat Breed Information

LaPerm Temperament

LaPerm cats are:
  • Distinctive.
  • Charming.
  • Intelligent.
  • Active.
  • Affectionate.

The LaPerm cat is quite a distinctive looking cat. But despites its unique looking coat beneath that lies a loving, mischievous, intelligent cat. These cats are also extremely affectionate, almost human like, as they reach for your face with their paws.

Human contact with these felines is almost as important to them as breathing. They are happy to be cuddled, carried draped over a shoulder as you go about your everyday tasks. Mistake not though that the LaPerm cat is a lazy cat, far from it, this is a working animal and she enjoys a good hunt as much as the next feline. Read also: Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Information.

Where does the LaPerm come from?

The LaPerm cat originates, it is believed, spontaneously on a farm in Oregon, USA.

What type of Body does the Japanese Bobtail have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The LaPerm cat body characteristics include:
  • Medium sized (males weighting between 8lb-10lbs, females 6lb-8lbs)
  • Softly rounded wedge shaped head.
  • Almond shaped expressive eyes.
  • Ears are large and cupped with curls or ringlets.
  • Distinctive and unique curly coat.

The LaPerm cat is truly unique. The name LaPerm, meaning wavy or rippled in several languages, seemed the most apt for this breed when it because apparent that it was indeed a whole new breed of cat. 

The coat does develop into either a shorthaired or longhaired version and color wise, at the moment, any coloring is acceptable until a sufficient gene pool is established. In spite of their curly coats these are low maintenance cats with very little shedding.

Towelling dry is all that is necessary after this cat has had a bath but blow drying will give your hair one of those dreaded bad fur days as she will frizz. Read also: Ragamuffin Rex Cat Breed Information.

History of the LaPerm?

In 1982 a farm owner in Oregon, USA discovered one day her barn cat, a tabby gray called Speedy had a litter of kittens that developed curly fur. She thought, at first, it was just a one off, but over time, more and more of this curly coated felines appeared.

Not every kitten was born with a curly coat and there were from time to time straight haired kittens born. It was even possible for a straight haired kitten to develop for several months and lose his coat to later grow out a curly coat.

Once the farmer, Linda Koehl, realised this was not going to be a one off fluke, she started showing her cats and interest grew and in February 2003 TICA granted the LaPerm cat Championship status.

Food the LaPerm eats?

The LaPerm cat will eat normal cat foods whether it’s a tined food or biscuit. You must always follow recommended feeding guidelines for your breed of cat.

Is the LaPerm an indoor or outdoor cat?

The LaPerm cat is a working cat but as with quite a number of breeds they are equally happy to be an indoor cat sharing their human’s lives and involving themselves with those lives as much as possible.

Does the LaPerm have health problem?

The LaPerm cat is a generally healthy cat but as with all pets she will benefit from annual health checks to make sure kidney and liver function are normal and also for any tooth decay from about 8 years onwards. For more Information about laPerm cat breed, click here.

LaPerm Cat Facts


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