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Selkirk Rex Cat Breed

selkirk rex kitten
Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Information

The Selkirk Rex cat is considered one of the newest natural breeds, this wrinkled cat originated from housewives, Miss DePesto from Noface, found in Montana in a shelter. Given to the Persian educator, Jerry Newman, who gave birth to the Persian black PhotoFinish of Deekay.

Pest produced three out of six curly cats, the Pest mutation was dominant due to the dominance of the gene, curly cats with kittens could breed straight hairs in the same litter.

Selkirk Rex's medium to large cats share the same characteristics as other cats in the "rex" class. The "rex" class refers to breeds with genetic mutations in curls or waves, such as Devon Rex or Cornish Rex. Read also: Cornish Rex Cat Breed Information.

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed

It's as sturdy as the Cornish and as sturdy as Devon, but Selkirk's body is stronger than these skinny elves and has rounded faces instead of narrow faces with pointed ears. The Cat Fanatic Association (CFA) points out that its sturdiness, especially the legs, makes it look like British shorthair curly hair, but it is definitely its own breed.

The Selkirk Rex is known for his curly hair and luxurious hair, which earned him the nickname "the cat in sheep's clothing". They were born with loose, curly curls and curly beards. Curly hair genes dominate, but not all Selkirks have these curls.

Some have straight hair. Long Selkirks have long curly hair, while short hair has short and tight curly hair. Its "Teddy Bear" physical characteristics make it ideal for pet parents looking for loving and fun friends.

What the Selkirk Rex cat breed has in common with its rex relatives is a lively, energetic and friendly temperament. She is lively and patient with young people and dogs (as long as they return love), which makes her an important member of a family with children and other pets.

Cat character

In addition to his thick plush coat, Selkirk's vibrant spirit has also won praise from fans. She is an affectionate and very affectionate cat and often needs attention. Although he is not too persistent or demanding, he can follow his pet father into the house until he gets what he wants. But when you sit on the sofa, at your desk or anywhere, it will definitely be with you.

His naughty attitude is another allure of his temper. Vetstreet explained: "Selkirk has a absurd side, sometimes described as a clown. He likes to be a captive cat and is happy to chat quietly with you." She likes to play and is smart. She's not a problem, but she's bored with no one to accompany her, so it's important to keep her busy with toys and other energy outlets, such as cats' pads or food puzzles. Read also: Chartreux Cat Breed Information.

Living with

If you choose to welcome Selkirk Rex cats to your family, be prepared to attract guests' attention. The CFA explained, "The owner of Selkirk Rex is often retaining by people who are eager to feel and touch this soft and luxurious pet. Lucky people are those who can take these live plush cats home and hug and hug.

Your Selkirk will absorb people's admiration, even if some of them joked about her "bad days", commented on her beard, curling or got excited about the character of the little lamb. Fortunately, these fluffy kittens like to be embraced, and will grow emotionally.

Despite having such a thick and luxurious jacket, Selkirk Rex requires almost no preparation. As long as you comb her hair once a week (don't use a brush), it will stay silky and wavy.

The Selkirk Rex cat is a healthy breed that stays active throughout life, especially during routine maintenance. In addition to combing her hair, your grooming routine should include brushing your teeth, feeding a balanced meal with appropriate cat food, providing fresh, clean water throughout the day, picking up the trash can and showing great love. Your skin baby will do everything in its power to give back love. For more details and information about Selkirk Rex Cat Breed, click here.

Selkirk Rex Cat Facts


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