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Domestic Shorthaired Cat

Domestic Shorthaired Cat Information
Domestic Shorthaired Cat

Domestic Shorthaired Cat Temperament

Domestic Shorthaired Cats are:
  • Intelligent.
  • Independent.
  • Docile.
  • Friendly.
  • Domestic.

Where does the Domestic Shorthaired Cat come from?

The origins of the Domestic Shorthaired Cat would appear to be indigenous to every continent each having their own version. The American version originating it is believed, to be from the European cats, arriving on the Mayflower where they hunted the mice and rats aboard ship and earned their passage. They are the ‘Moggy’ of the feline world and have no specific pedigree. They are not recognised by any of the official bodies or associations and are not to be confused with the American shorthaired or British shorthaired cat.

What type of Body does the Domestic Shorthaired Cats have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Domestic Shorthaired Cats body characteristics include a muscular, heavier body and come in a variety of patterns and colors from tabby, calico to solid although after several generations they will revert to their natural tabby coloring. Domestic Shorthaired Cats, on different continents and therefore working from different gene pools, will exhibit similar builds to the purebred cats of that region, for example, in Asia the Domestic Shorthaired Cat will resemble a Siamese or Tonkinese cat.

History of the Domestic Shorthaired Cat?

The Domestic Shorthaired Cat is believed to have originated from the shorthaired African wildcat. Hundreds of years ago when humans settled the lands and began storing food these rodent eating wildcats found an easy source of food near the humans and the humans realised that by domesticating these animals they could protect their food stores. Read also: Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed Information.

The Egyptians were very protective of their felines and would not allow them to be traded or smuggled out of their country but it is believed Phoenician traders managed to transport these animals to Europe and the Romans then smuggled them to other regions of Europe as they were conquered. It is also believe that it was the Buddhist monks that took them into Asia.

Food the Domestic Shorthaired Cat eats?

The Domestic Shorthaired Cats will eat normal cat foods whether it’s a tined food or biscuit.

Is the Domestic Shorthaired Cat an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Domestic Shorthaired Cat is equally happy indoors or out.

Does the Domestic Shorthaired Cat have health problem?

The Domestic Shorthaired Cats can live on average for up to 15 years enjoying good health.

For more details and information about domestic shorthaired Cat, click here.

Domestic Shorthaired Cat Facts


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