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Brazilian Shorthair Cat Breed

Brazilian Shorthair Cat Breed Information
Brazilian Shorthair Cat

Brazilian shorthair Temperament

The Brazilian Shorthair cat has a very nice temperament while being playful, affectionate, vocal and very active. They are rather intelligent, learning new things very quickly. They get along well with children and are able to put up with a lot of hassle. Brazilian shorthair cats also have the ability to link relationships within a family make them a great family pet rather that being with a single person. They love plenty of attention and can become irritable and mischievous if they don't get enough.

Where does the Brazilian Shorthair come from?

The Brazilian Shorthair cat can be traced back to the streets of Brazil from feral cats to become a purebred having changed dramatically. When the Portuguese first arrived in Brazil in 1500 A.D, they brought cats that were descendents of Felis Iberia. They were brought to protect food from rodents in Brazil. In the last 500 years while breeding between native Brazilian cats and those brought by the first settlers, the Brazilian shorthair was created. Read also: British Shorthair Cat Breed Information.

What type of Body does the Brazilian Shorthair have?

The Brazilian Shorthair cat has a medium sized body that is muscular while at the same time being elegant. The tail should be narrow at the base with a slight taper at the tip. The profile of the Brazilian Shorthair is slightly curved with large pointed ears and large round eyes set a specific distance apart.

What type of coat does a Brazilian Shorthair have?

The Brazilian Shorthair's coat is a short length coat close to the skin without an undercoat that is silky and glossy. The Brazilian Shorthair comes in an array of colors and patterns with the most popular having their coat color match their eye color.

History of the Brazilian Shorthair

The breed developed throughout Brazil without rules, care and attention until the 1980's. Engineer Paulo Samuel Ruschi, born in Brazil decided to set the rules for the breed following his decision to study the genetic and morphological aspects of the cats rooming in the parks, gardens and streets over a few cities in Brazil. He discovered Brazil to have unique cats that had the same appearance and features. These characteristics would define the Brazilian Shorthair cat and in 1998 the World Cat Federation gave the breed a status of Approved Breed, awarded to the first and the only purebred Brazilian Recognized cat. The Brazilian Shorthair cat now has over 10 generations of pedigree cats.
Paulo Samuel Ruschi is now at cat breeder living in New York City.

Food the Brazilian Shorthair eats

The Brazilian Shorthair will eat normal cat foods weather its a tined food or biscuit. Read also: Burmese Cat Breed Information.

Is the Brazilian Shorthair an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Brazilian Shorthair is happy to live indoors or out making them an all round great pet.

Does the Brazilian Shorthair have health problem?

The Brazilian Shorthair is a relatively healthy cat if treated correctly and given up to date vaccinations. To help reduce catching a disease, keeping your cat inside is recommended so they don't meat a stray and catch something. For more Information about brazilian shorthair cat breed, click here.

Brazilian Shorthair Cat Facts


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