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American Longhair Cat Breed

American Longhair Cat
American Longhair Cat

American Longhair Temperament

The American Longhair is a very self contained cat and makes a very good pet as they are very laid back and easy going.

Where does the American Longhair come from?

The American Longhair, like its name suggests, comes from America. It came about from an experiment that went wrong. American breeders were trying to creat a cat similar to a Persian having short hair, shinny silver coat and green eyes. Instead they got a longhaired version that they intended to call a silver longhair, however more colors than just silver were produced. This lead to the cat being called the American Longhair. Read also: American Shorthair Cat Breed Information.

What type of Body does the American Longhair have?

The American Longhair body characteristics include:

  • A short face.
  • Lean body.
  • Rounded head.
  • Ears are a medium size.
  • Nose is a medium length.
  • Tail is a normal length.
  • Legs are a normal length.

What type of coat does an American Longhair have?

The American Longhair has a coat that is long with many colors and patterns such as being solid, tabby and patched. Having very long hair means your cats coat will need a lot of attention with as many as 1 bath a week and much grooming being required for a healthy coat.

What type of pattern does an American Longhair have?

The American Longhair cat can have many different patterns with many different colors including the likes of tabby and being patched in color.

Physical characteristics of the American Longhair

The most distinguished physical feature of this cat is its very long hair that need plenty of attention to keep it looking lovely. The long hair is one of the features that attracts owners to this particular cat. Read also: American Wirehair Cat Breed Information.

Food the American Longhair eats

The American Longhair will eat normal cat food you wish to feed them, unless your cat become ill and your vet suggest a particular diet.

Is the American Longhair an indoor or outdoor cat?

You can let your longhair cat outside but be prepared for a lot of maintenance on their longhair coat in order to keep it nice and clean. For more Information about american longhair cat breed, Click here.

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