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American Polydactyl Cat Breed

American Polydactyl Cat Breed Information
American Polydactyl

What is a Polydactyl?

A polydactyl is a cat that is born with extra toes on one or more feet (normal is 5 in front including the dew claw, and 4 in back).

Where does the American Polydactyl come from?

Americans believe the Polydactyl came from America, unfortunately this is not true. Polydactyl cats are found in the UK and Europe and not confined to the USA. Some believe the Polydactyl was imported by the Puritan settlers who landed in Boston were others believe the Polydactyl was already there. It has been recently accepted that the domestic cat originated from Europe and African-Asian, wildcats. With this information, the belief that the Polydactyl was imported must be true. This theory is also supported by the fact that the Polydactyl cat was only found in clusters around the areas ships travel to from Boston. Read also: Peterbald Cat Breed Information.

From where did this trait originate?

Although there are many stories on where this trait began, the truth is - no one really knows.  We do know, however that this is a dominate trait, so a cat can pass it on to his or her kittens even if the other parent is not a poly.

Do polydactyls make good pets?

YES! Polydactyls make great pets. For some reason polydactyls seem to inherit a tendancy to be extremly affectionate and mellow. I have adopted polydactyls that were wild strays in someone's barn before I took them home, and by the end of the evening they were purring in my lap. I know it sounds far fetched but it is true. They do well both in and outdoors, and are good with kids. 

What type of Body does the American Polydactyl have?

A polydactyl cat can have any body type as a Polydactyl cat is any cat with more than the normal amount of toes on its paw. Polydactyly can be found in many animals and even humans.

What type of coat does a Polydactyl have?

A Polydactyl cat can have any coat as it can affect any cat as it is a genetic mutation.

Physical characteristics of the Polydactyl

Polydactyl cats have more than the normal amount of toes on its paws. A cat will normally have five toes on its front paws and four toes on each hind paw. A polydactyl cat can have up to seven toes on either the front or hind paws in any combination. It is more common for only the front paws to be affected. Read also: Pixie Bob Cat Breed Information.

Does the American Polydactyl have health problem?

Other than having extra toes from a genetic mutation, your cat should not have any extra health problems. For more Information about american polydactyl cat breed, Click here.

 American polydactyl cat facts


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