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Ring worms in cats

ring worms in cats
Ring worms in cats

Ring worms in cats

Ringworm is a prevailing skin disease frequently diagnosed in cats and dogs. As the name suggests, the disease is not caused by any variety of worms, but is caused by a fungus known as Dermatophytes, whose source food are the available dead tissues over the skin surface of these animals. This later spreads over other parts of the skin, hence causing this disease

In case of cats, a particular fungus called M Canis has been discovered in 95% of the cases related to ringworms. In general the sources of this disease are infected objects like clippers and beddings. Since this is an infectious disease, the cats can also get it from other animals affected by it. Close association with such animals in the surrounding areas of your house can also cause your cat to attain the ringworm disease. Read also: Baldness in cats: Causes and treatment.

Kittens and cats younger than a year are more prone to be affected by this disease, so if there are any of these in your house, take the maximum precautions to save them from this disease. Do not let the kittens out of the house as they can associate contact with already affected animals and attain this disease, and as they are still young, they do not possess sufficient immunity in their systems, they can easily susceptible to such diseases.

Signs of ring worms in cats

You can easily determine if your cat is affected by this disease. Few symptoms like broken or rough hairs and loss of hair around the paws or the head are clearly visible. Small patches of scaly skin, which appear to be inflamed or itchy and have broken hairs around them, also identify the ringworm disease in the cats. Do not touch the cat in these parts of the body as they are highly sensitive and might hurt the pet.

Ring worms in cats treatment

If any of these symptoms are visible in your pet, consult your veterinary doctor at the earliest. If diagnosed with ringworms, ointments and tablets might be prescribed by the doctor. This might depend on the seriousness of the affected parts. If tablets have been prescribed for your cat, they can be given to the cat with the food. You can simply apply the ointment in the affected area. Always remember to follow the veterinary doctor’s advice to make sure that the cat gets properly treated. The treatment may be a little time taking and it would normally take approximately six weeks for your cat to get healed. Read also: Cats And The Dangers Of Intestinal Parasites.

Ringworm in cats can humans catch it

Since ringworms are an infectious disease. Always ensure that the cat is labeled. Keep the kids away from the pet till the time it gets properly cured. Use of gloves while handling your pet is highly recommended as the ringworms are infectious and you should take accurate preventive methods. Although it is a minor disease, it may lead to serious issues owing to its slow healing process and its infectious nature. For more details and information about ring worms in cats, Click here.

Helping Kittens with Ringworm


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